Safedisc burn



im having trouble burning mafia, there are 3 discs but i am haveing trouble already and i am only tried the 1st(the play disc) i scanned it with clony xxl and it says it protected with securom new and when i look on websites they all say safedisc 2.7 can someone tell me what program to use and what write and read speeds to use i have a hp 16 times cdr writer and blind write 5 and clone cd and alcohol 120% which do i use and what settings do i use


Download A-Ray scanner and scan the disk. Post back what you get.



i already tried aray scanner i dosent come up with anything i think it s safe disc but when i burn it i just spins and does nothing


Ok, download CloneCD. Read and write in the “Protected PC Game” profile.



im burnig it right now hoping it will work when it comes out