Safedisc and et al

Hey now! Im a “newbie” at this and, jus wanna say that have ya heard
a ? Gamefix. It has abuncha tools like,
unsecurom; safedisc; copylok; and Playbackup. At I wasn’t
sure how-to post this message, so I signed up. Pretty damn cool info here though. Like it. later.:cool: :cool:

why use the gamefixes when there’s CloneCD
:confused: :confused:

Hey oaky_88, first place it ain’t a “gamefix” per se, from what I
understand from it,Not All cd-r/-rw’s are good at it. So when ya do
a copy- ya can use the un-securom patch added to the cd image to make it kinda easier for the “copy” to work. And I have hearda times when
CloneCD doesn’t make a workable copy. But I could be wrong- hey Im
new at this and I still have alot to learn. But thanx for the comment.

Those utils you mention are illegal, you are cracking the protection software. When you have the right reader/writer and CloneCD and use this for copying you are doing it the legal way!

That’s why most people prefer CloneCD!


besides clonecd works with most of the protections
even SD2 with the new AWS option

You can still get all those utilities at (it also has many mirrors).

i have this so called clone cd with the weak sector option, all i can say that i have a plextor 12x10x32 scusi,

read options=1
write options=1
fast error skip selected nothing else

and hey presto it DIDNT WORK on harry potter…

any suggestions please feel free to tell me… im not bothered about all the legal stuff i just want the damn copy to work, i should sue them for all the disks i have wrecked trying to do this game.
i also used playbackup,betablocker,clonyxl,loads of detective software and they all couldnt do it…

any suggestions ???

I used these settings:
speed 4X
FES on
FEs settings:
error correction software
read retries 3
everything else of
speed max
AWS on
dont close… on
everything else off

Why not download software that will give one the settings Clony xl or the newer Clony XXL XXL
“yaps” another encryption informer is available here at Ghost

CloyXXL is available in English -90% ish English at: