Safedisc Analyser

Didn’t know where else to post it (and the search function didn t help). Probably a stupid question :stuck_out_tongue: but hey this is the “newbie forum”!
Just want to ask how is one supposed to use safedisc analyser… i can’t seem to find the icd-filename needed by the program to analyse the safedisc version. I have searched both the cd and the installation directory of many games that are safedisc protected (RA2, Serious Sam SE, MOHAA etc) but i couldn’t find it :confused: . Could anyone help?

i guess i am the only stupid person in the whole world that doesn’t know how to use safedisc analyser…

Now this answer might come a bit late but if you’re still here…

You only need to select the right exe file. If it is a safedisc 2 encrypted file, it won’t ask for any ICD file.

On safedisc 1 you have to specify both files.

And you’re not the only stupid person in the world, I didn’t work it out until five minutes ago… :slight_smile:

The old versions of safedisc - v1- had a icd, .tmp files and a clokspel(I think thats whats it called, I am work and cant access the pc at my home).

The new versions dont have those files, and usually something like CLony XXL will probably able to detect it. And not all burners will be able to reproduce safedisc images for backup purposes.

Well i finally figured it out myself, but hey thanx a lot for the help i really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I know it’s not like you’re 24-7 over your pcs just to help us ! You have better things to do :wink: