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I just posted the article SafeDisc advertisement….

Probably every CD Freaks vistor will know the copy protection SafeDisc. Almost every games that’s worth to back-up is protected with this nifty, but very easy to bypass copy protection. Macrovision,…

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This is very insulting!!!

It’s not even as if their protection prevents casual copying - just copy the files onto a new cd and get a patched exe from - OK so it doesn’t always work but this low tech solution worx 99 times out of 100! CloneCD does the others!!!

What’s most irritating is the way that they con the software produers - though we may pirate we also have some respect - if i was a software owner i would find it really insulting - it’s just plain greedy!

Ha ha ha,
They say that piracy costs companies millions per year, NO WONDER there lossing millions per year, wasting money on a stupid full page advertisments in some mag.
ha ha ha ha.

What they forgot to state is that every one of their supposed 30 million protected disks last year was copyable by anyone with half a brain.

Also another note on piracy, it really bugs me when people say ‘Piracy costs the software industry £30 million every year’ or whatever. Personally, most of the stuff I have I wouldn’t pay for if I had to…it just ain’t worth the money!

HellHound your bloody right.
Most of all software is trash ! So we don’t want those bloody software. They must be rally happy that some nice gay’s test this software and copy this trash. Maybe those developpers are feeling themself Big after all !

Yeah, right. Don’t forget the updates, patches and other stuff they release for their software. I would say that companys loose too much money for making or registering special protections. The only thing that is really good is the cd key. This is the only protection that is difficult to overcome. OK. Wait for Key Generators or other stuff, but for example, if you wanna play a special game like Diablo 2 or something else through the web, it is really difficult to get it work, cause somehow not all generated keys work or someone is using this cd key, so in my oppinion this is the only good protection. Not really, but cannot be overcomed by using Clonecd, g.