SafeDisc 4! WOW!


Seeing as Aray Scanner now has the ability to detect SD4, what new changes are there to the protection?


Not sure about safedisc 4

but I see it also has the built-in ‘ability’ to detect safedisc 7. Impressed?

Wow…now that’s future proofing! :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also not sure.
1 indication PRO out of the ‘SafeDisc advanced broshure’ PDF:

I think that there is a BlackList for Alcohol and some Anti Cracking features. (according to R!Co anyway:))


If its Alcohol blacklisting its bad. I can’t wait to see how CloneCD handles it!!

Why do you think CloneCD handles anything? AWS algorithms don’t work with any newer 3.x safedisk versions, even atip hiding tool of clonecd is long since blacklisted. CloneCD is long since completely defeated by safedisk. Unless they manage to upgrade their aws algorithms to at least work with some 3.x versions it’s quite useless. And anyway there were like a couple of burner models capable of doing 99% exact copies of 3.20 versions, maybe they manage to fix that too, but i don’t think they’d care anyway. Blacklisting alcohol is quite useless since pretty much any virtual cd emulation tool can easily emulate safedisk weak patterns given a properly dumped image(unlike say there’re about 4-5 tools existing capable of emulating dpm/media topology). So there’re tools enogh there to keep them busy blacklisting with every update forever.

CloneCD is excellent at up to SafeDisc 2.9x, but at SD 3.x i guess it still sucks, but SD4 could be a complete rewrite who knows

I hope not a complete rewrite, hopes it is still possible with the good old Plextor 8/20

from the "c:/games/ss3/ss3.exe dir i would say this was a illegal cracked copy, i dont think any legal games have a “c:/games” dir, this is normaly where warez “rips” are stored. probibly a bug in a-ray.

anybody know of a safedisc 4 game?

ben :iagree:

ps. sorry if im wrong about it bieng illegal :slight_smile:

you might be wrong ben, I sometimes install my games not in my programs but under C: or C://games

you are 100% wrong for two reasons:

  1. Do you realize that it’s possible to modify the install directory of games? I really do put all my games in c:\games… keeps things organized… Otherwise you get things in c:\ or program files, or in a sub-dir of the publisher’s name dir (EA, jowood, codemasters: why, please tell me why you clutter my start menu & hdd ?)

  2. If you actually look carefully, this is a fucking joke. I made this example up by
    A) copying a safedisc3 EXE and renaming it to ss3 (system shock 3 anyone?)
    B) The reported protected, Safedisc 7, does NOT exist. It was just to show that a-ray scanner doesnt care what you feed it with. It just scans for the usual safedisc BoG_ string and converts the numbers following from hex to decimal.

Thanks, you’ve just ruined my fun :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry!, i suppose some people would put there games is a c:/games dir, the reason i thought it was warez was 'coz cracked exes are well known to give odd scan results.


ben :slight_smile:

Right guys, I dont care if A-Ray detects SD 46532.x, I couldnt give.

@Doug your sense of humor is amusing.

But we have gone gone from SD4 to bugs in A-Ray.