Safedisc 4 and burning MDF/MDS files

I am trying to backup my newly-bought Madden 06 game for PC. CD1 seems to be the only disc that has copyright protection - Safedisc 4 according to the A-ray scanner. Just a few questions that I couldn’t figure out through trial-and-error.

  1. How does one burn Safedisc 4? I tried converting the MDF/MDS files to BIN/CUE with CloneCD and then burning with Nero. The copy protection didn’t work as Madden asked me to insert the original CD. Is CloneCD outdated or is it just that my burner can’t burn Safedisc 4? I’m currently using an I/O Magic IDVD16DD with the latest firmware A190. I believe it is exactly the same as a good Benq model out there. If my burner is not capable of burning Safedisc 4, what makes other burners different and able to burn it? In addition, when examining the burn in A-ray scanner, the copyright protection showed up as:
    “Signs on CD/DVD indicate SafeDisc 2/3” and “Possible SafeDisc, Version is removed”

  2. How does one burn MDF/MDS files with Safedisc 4 protection? Rather than converting to BIN/CUE with CloneCD, should I just burn the original MDF/MDS files with Alcohol 120% Does this version support Safedisc 4 under the Safedisc 2/3 setting?

  3. Does DAEMON Tools use up a lot of system resources? I think it is pretty obvious that it does not but I’m just not sure.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

You have put this thread in the wrong place!

I’m sorry. Where is the proper place for it?

Here not in the copy protection list.