SafeDisc 4.85

I’m having an issue making a working ISO image of a new game, Arca SimRacing. The game is only available for purchase online, which is why I don’t think I have seen a crack for it.

It’s using SafeDisc 4.85 for protection. If anybody has played the game rFactor, this game uses the same method for activation, but instead of a code, it uses the DVD instead.

I have tried making ISO images using the safedisc option with alcohol and other tools, only to get a box telling me I have a 1 hour trial in the game.

Any ideas?



You say that the game is only available for purchase on-line. Does this mean that it is downloaded or is it sold as a cd or dvd that is delivered only after being ordered and paid for on-line?

Purchase through Paypal, and then the DVD is sent to your address.

-=[ ProtectionID v0.6.0.0 BETA XMAS 2007 PREVIEW]=-
© CDKiLLER & TippeX
Build 12/24/07-16:18:13
Scanning -> D:\ARCA.exe
File Type : Exe, Size : 4877551 (04A6CEFh) Byte(s)
-> File has 1449199 (0161CEFh) bytes of appended data starting at offset 0345000h
[!] Safedisc 4.85.000 detected !

  • Scan Took : 1.703 Seconds

Have a look at this guide.

That worked, but if I were to burn it to a DVD would I be able to use it without disabling my IDE Controller?