Safedisc 4.85 Fluenz

Hi, first I would like to thank you guys for this wonderful forum. It has been very informative, so thank you in advance I really appreciate it!

I purchased the program Fluenz (a program like Rosetta but better) and I would like to make a copy of it because the disc I bought is $350 and if it gets damaged/cracked/etc. I don’t want to take the risk of losing my investment.

Sooo I looked into copying the disc (ITS A DVD!!!), and I found that it apparently uses SafeDisc 4.85, but I haven’t found any information with regards to which program is the most recent to use with this copy protection.

If it matters, I have a macbook pro with a HL-DT-ST DVDRW GS23N dvd burner, with OS X and Windows 7 on it.

Which one do I need? cloneDVD/daemon tools/alcohol/YATU?

Also, will I be able to make a fully functioning copy of the disc or will it always need emulation software to run?

Also, is there any difference between SECUROM and Safedisc or are they the same thing?

Thanks for your time and for reading this

You will always require some form of emulation for a copy protected dvd. See this tutorial for further assistance.

hmmm i heard that this wasn’t necessarily true but ok.