Safedisc 4.60 failure

Ok purchased a solitaire game… Pogo Solitaire. I couldn’t belive it! Safedisc 4.60 on a solitaire game??? Have to get disc out to play solitaire! What BS. So I tried with this setup.

Plextor Premium
Latest Alcohol 120%
Safedisc: 2/3 Setting
4x Read
4x Write

No go wouldn’t even load. I have decided after this failure that I am banning software that has crap like this to even play the game. Requiring CD to play something so small and menial as solitaire. It’s going back.

So if any gaming companies read this… know this… From now on if a game has protection that I can’t backup expensive game with to use instead of the original… I will return the game and tell store I couldn’t get it to run in my system… Than I will hunt down a cracked version and not support your company anymore! To require a Cd to play solitaire is absurd… I’ll stick with all the other solitaire games that don’t require a cd in the computer.