Safedisc 4.6 backup possible?

is it possible to back up a dvd with safedisc? so if i insert it, made an image with alcohol and tried to burn it will it still work? or will the dvd become unreadable? i’m just wondering b/c i seem to scratch my cds a lot so i want to back up q4 before i ruin it.


It won’t :frowning: But you can create a Data disc (e.g. with Nero, >2GB in UDF format) containing your mdf+mds files; you can mount that image in DTools’ virtual drive directly from DVD.


Just burn the dvd image. After installation of Quake4 install the latest quake4 patch, it removes the cd-check AND safedisk-protection.

Padus Disc Juggler with a CD drive that supports CD+G Format. Look at

Plextor Premium will write all SafeDisc versions with DiscJuggler, a CD+G certified burner from their hardware support site, and FutureProofs walkthrough for safedisc. (doesn’t do DVD Safedisc though… Your outta luck of DVD as of right now.)

Wow, they are up to 4.6 now? Damn, the last time I did a lot of backing up, safedisc was around version 2.8-2.9 and securom was at like 4.8 or something like that, lol. I didn’t have very much success with sd2.9 up.

where can you get the latest quake4 patch?

Ahhh… that sucks. So safedisc 4.6 on dvd is a no go. damn. That explains for the bad burn. My image works though…

They must of changed the way the protection is done because I was used to with prior versions where the first 5% of the disc was loaded with bad sectors. This version didn’t have those.