SafeDisc 4.6 Backup Guide

Hi Guys,

Just wondered if there was a SafeDisc 4.6 backup guide?

There have been some excellent guides on here previously, so thought I’d ask :slight_smile:



I made a working CD backup of a safedisk 4.6 using latest alcohol 120% and the safedisk 2/3 profile with my plextor premium on el cheapo medium.

Just installed COD2 from original disk - won’t do single player: “Please insert the correct CD/DVD-ROM, select OK and restart application.” This is SafeDisc recognizing that CloneCD/DVD are on my PC, correct? So, I’ll have to wait for a Elby patch before I play, if so…sigh

There is a certain little proggie called “SD4hider” that maybe able to help.
Also “Antiblaxx” may help you on your way :wink:

Same problem. How did you finally solved it?