SafeDisc 4.0



Greetings all.

I am having a problem trying to back-up a genealogy data CD that is protected with SafeDisc 4.0, or at least that is what A-Ray Scanner v2 tells me the protection is.
But when I scanned with ClonyXXL it tells me the protection is SafeDisc 2.9 ?

Either way I cannot seem to make a back-up using Alcoholer 4.1 and Alcohol
Making an image at the slowest speed (all night) and burning slow as well.

My burner is a Pioneer model DVR-108.

Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong, or is it my burner, or maybe
SafeDisc 4.0 is the problem.

Thanks for any advice.



DVD-RW burners are rather bad at burning protected CD(especially at burning Safedisk 3.x, 4.x)
With my Plextor, I able to burn those CD, but it is playable only using “Ignore Media Type” in Alcohol 120%


Hey and welcome to CDFs!
Im with Lynx05 with that your 108 won’t be able to make a non-emulated of SafeDisk 4. Also ClonyXXL is very out of date (and is not being updated), it will not scan past Safedisc 2.9. I suggest downloading CloneCD and read/write the game in the “Protected PC Game” profile. Once you have burnt it off, make sure the CloneCD system tray icon is active (Start > Programs > Slysoft > CloneCD) and the “Hide CDR media” option is ticked. Good luck



Thanks Guys.
I will see which burner my son has, is there a list of burners that
can do the job?



If you look here, these are peoples results of their SafeDisc 4 burns. Lite-on, ASUS and Plextor are all writers that have little problem backing up SafeDisk 4.



Hi VH.

Thanks again for the help.

I have downloaded CLONE CD and will try it with my Pioneer DVR-108, or am I
wasting my time trying with this burner.

The original CD is a genealogy CD that is a set of 4 disks and to access all the
data I have to always have disc 1 in the drive (the other three are loaded onto
the H/D …it is disc 1 that they have protected with safedisc 4.0


Hello VH.

I used CLONE CD with the suggested setting “Protected PC Game” and I now have
the following in a folder!.

IMAGE: CCD file 1 kb
IMAGE: Image file 770,742 kb
IMAGE.sub: Sub file 31,459 kb

When I look at the Clone CD Tray the “Hide CDR media” is still greyed out, or can
I select it when I try to burn to disk ?.





I meant to mention that the total file size in the folder is 783MB.



The reason ‘Hide CDR Media’ was greyed out is that I forgot to
do a reboot after installation !!, it’s the price you pay for getting
old!! LOL





Thanks for the guidance, I have successfully copied the safedisk 4.0 using
my pioneer DVR-108, and it works.



Ah good :slight_smile: That method is nearly universal for most drives. Have fun using with you new back-up and if you need any more help with this issue or any others, feel free to post away!



With so many people asking about how to make a quick CloneCD emulated backup of SafeDisc 3/4 do you think I should write a step-by-step guide?


Yeha plz Ben :slight_smile:



The more guides the better :slight_smile:


I think I might do one now then, that goes through every step simply with screenshots, so total newbies can do it.

Ben :slight_smile:


Its always great to have a n00bz view on things lol :stuck_out_tongue: .


I have an ISO file protected with safedisc, I created cd with ISORecorder, pointed file to Macromedia Projector, response was,“Insert Correct CD & Hit OK”. My question, is there a program that will create a CD that works with Rosetta Stone applications. Thanks for any help.