Safedisc 3+winxp 64 = macrovision needs to die a gruesome death that involves staples

guess what, safedisc 3.0 and up dont work on winxp 64.

I am not talking about copies or backups, these are retail discs.

doom3, and farcry store bought. the background image doesnt even come up when u run it, which means it hasnt even got to the atip check. i beleive the problem is safedisc uses an driver (secdrv.sys) to check its discs. Winxp64 does come with secdrv.sys installed on it, thus older safedisc (such as halo) works just fine. safedisc 3 on the other hand, doesnt seem to use secdrv.sys, or it uses a newer version of that driver, and since macrovision are lame they never updated the safedisc 3 driver to work on 64bit oses. i know its safedisc’s fault coz using a cr*ck makes the game work, and we all know how much that sucks, especially if u bought the game.

unless im missing an update of some sort for the driver to work?

All drivers must be compiled as 64-bit code to work with winxp 64 bit. So probably many protection drivers will suffer from this issue.

yeah andareed, which is really stupid since macrovision assumes everyone that uses a computer, or a vcr is a damn thief, liar and a pirate…

securom works fine on amd64, which is a good thing (works with jedi academy, kotor, battlefront, liesure suite larry: magna cum laude, temple of elemental evil, warcraft 3) so i assume securom doesnt install its own driver and crap in there.

im not even gonna attempt starforce coz i already know the answer to that one , not that i have bought anything with starforce in it since i hate their methods, but im surprised safedisc installs its own drivers in there too…

it does appear that winxp64 someone compiled a 64bit version of the secdrv.sys driver, coz it was in my system dirs (32 and that wow 64 dir), but i think the problem is their compile is an old version (safedisc 2.xx) which explains my sucess with halo. they just need to redo the safedisc 3.xx driver in 64bit then i should be able to try doom3 on there…