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Hi there,

I’m writing an undergraduate dissertation on copy protection schemes, and I wondered if any of you fine people might be able to point me the way of some (detailed) technical information about safedisc3? All I’ve been able to find so far is some stuff at and macrovision’s own explanation, which is sorely lacking.

The stuff I’m writing revolves around the use of strong encryption in protection schemes, so I’m most interested in safedisc - my understanding is that it encrypts game content using a key stored on the inner ring?

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated!



You are looking for cracking information. I recommend u to search other place, cause CDFreaks can not help u this topic. Encryption place, decrypting and launching of several encryption rings (at code level) is a Macrovision industrial secret, so then, think why u cannot obtain reply here.

What we can tell to u is SD 3 have “ramdom” weak sectors that, in some way, are read to codify a key. This key is compared by a software disc one, and if matched, then launchs decrypting process.
I cannot help u anymore.

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Try download the CDFs offline guide. That has some info about Safedisc.



Talk to spath, he’ll know some info … but if he’s willing to share it is another story. :wink:


Sorry to bump this thread, but I found info on safedisk in this file:

Link Removed


I’d be careful with that, it contains procedures on how to unwrap a SafeDisc executable.


What I read of it is just how to crack the SafeDisc exes.


That information goes way to far for this forum and as such your link has been removed, please do not post the link (or any information from the link) again.


Ooops, sorry, I only read one text file in that zip and thought it had info only.

It won’t happen again.


Its ok you werent to know, and that information was very interesting :).