Safedisc 3.20.022 CD-R and/or CD-RW

Hello ppl,

I Have an game with SafeDisc v3.20.022 protection.
When i use Alcohol to Mount an image, the game works.
When i use an CD-RW (Any brand) the game sees the disk as an original and when scaned with A-Ray it tells me that it is protected.

Now comes the trickypart… When i use an normal CD-R, the exe file gives me an error about accessing memory.

Does anybody has any idea why it works with CD-RW and not with CD-R. Or has an solution to mabye fix this??

Thx in advanced.

I will quote from a thread in the Optical Storage Technical Discussions forum.

It could be due to this.

What is your burner/reader, and what game is it?

Sounds like a one off experience…
Does this occur every time?
Shouldn’t make a difference which type of media you use, as long as the media is good quality. Make sure you a burning at the recommended speed for the media. Adjust your burning speeds up or down and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise try another CDR media brand.
A long time ago, people used to have to burn Safedisc images at a lower speed due to their burner, it could be possible that the reduced speed for the CDRW writing works with your burner and the increased speed with the CDR media is causing some error in how your drive is working. In this case you should try lowering the burn speed to that which you use for your CDRW burning’s.

It is indeed an Plextor as in that quote of yours.
And the game is CSI2 - Dark Motives

Thx for the quick reply

You mean plex prem right?

Sorry for my incompleetnise.
I Have an Plextor PX-708A (CD/DVD+/-RW) with firmware v1.06.
And an Pioneer DVD-Rom player with firmware v1.22

COULD YOU tell me how you got the image you made to work??
I’m just starting to use alcohol, and my image doesn’t work…

Please HELP?!

Hi pimgiz,

dump your image again using alcohol’s SafeDisc profile at slow speed like 4x and mount it using your virtual drives in alcohol or daemon tools. Take a look at this thread SafeDisc 3.20 Successes and Non-Successes. If it’s not working post again you’re always welcome here :).

p.s next time it would be nice posting your drives, their firmware version and the exact version of alcohol or any other burning software you’re using

I have a liteon dvd-rom, a very tolerant drive, but when i make any safedisc 3 game backup onto a cd-rw it will just spin in the drive and not do anything. The same backup will (attempt to) authenticate with my liteon burner however. If i make a backup onto a cd-r then the disc will be read fine with my dvd-rom. Is there a known problem with safedisc backups, cd-rws and liteon dvd drives, or is mine just faulty?