Safedisc 3.2 fails with Nec 3520

I have tried both Alcohol and blindwrite to burn Sims2 too my sister, but it fails (offcurse its just backup, she cant handle cd’s). What happends with alcohol is that I choose safedisc option and it burns it well. After the copy is done I put the copied cd in the drive and try to start Sims, but it wont. I can see the icon and browse the cd, but dont start it. I did install the game with the original CD, and tried to start it with a copied one. That shouldn’t be any problem or?

What in newbieheaven am I doing wrong?

Thx guys

Im sorry to say but I dont think your 3520 will able to make a “1:1” of a game using SafeDisc 3.2. I think it could be done with emulation but as I dont emulate any of my game I dont know how to do this. Another member will be able to advice with this. Good Luck.


Thanks for the answer.

My father is going to by a new dvdburner, so I rather give him mine so I can buy a new one that burns bether. I understand now that LiteOn burners are good at this. Anyway, can you give me an advice on which DVDburner I shoud buy? If LiteOn, which should I buy?

Thanks again