Safedisc 3.15.010 SUCCESS W/ PLEX PREMIUM



hi ppl,
just got my copy of prince of persia the sands of time…
after all i could read here in the forums, it would become hard to copy - especially for me with my plex premium (firmware 1.05) as a one-sheep-burner…
so, what shall i say - the copy took more than 4 hours to complete, here is what i did:
as you can see in my signature i have the toshiba 1802 dvd-rom and the plex premium.
using alc 120 v1.4.8.1222 i used the TOSHIBA DRIVE as the READER, using the safedisc profile, but WITHOUT the “fast skip read errors” option enabled and speed set to 4x!
so it took nearly 4 hours to read the play cd…
then, after completing the reading i burned the image file at 4x speed using the SAFEDISC (NOT 2/3) profile - and what shall i say?!?
the copy works fine, only the loading time is not sooo perfect, it needs up to 30 seconds for the protection-check, but then, finally runs… i think that’s it worth… :slight_smile:

then i tested it ('coz 'till now i had no coasters for that game :slight_smile: ) with using the plextor premium as the reader, settings same as above…
DOES NOT WORK, and if i view the log i can see that the plextor doesn’t find as many defective / bad sectors as the toshiba…
for example the toshiba found sector 841, 842, 861, 863…
the plex found: 841, 842, 865… so i guess it cannot read as exactly as the toshiba but it can write the “new” week sectors if they were read correctly…

ps: the working copy is also good for installation, all data is readable… :slight_smile:

pps: still glad to have my holy :bow: toshiba :bow: and :bow: plex premium :bow:


just tested the copy on my girlfriends laptop…
a sony vaio with a sony dvd±r(w)/cd-r(w) combi drive - works too, if atip is hidden… :slight_smile:
and just tested it on my pc again - playing from my plextor with alcohol used as hide-atip-tool --> boot up (protection check) time is less then 8 seconds… so i guess my copy is really good if it works from 3 different drives… :slight_smile:


… and so, after 3 days of playing, i finished this - i have to say - great game… :wink:
doesn’t belong into here, but to everyone: this is a really cool / funny game with a lot of “matrix-touch” 'coz of the special moves…
i would say: a complete success - burnt it, played it, won it… :bigsmile:


As I was boring, I tried to follow your process point by point, but instead of a Tosh 1802 I used my SD-M 1402, just for the sake of it…

As it was in the offing, I had no luck: the game didn’t start. When the 1402 try to read the copy there were lots of sectors from 6xx to 8xx as if it was a laserlock disk.

Well, I think it’s time to retire definitively this DVD-ROM… it’s a pity.

PS: The copy works on a LiteOn 166, of course :cool:

By the way, congratulations, Razor :wink:


yeah, thanx,
as i say above, my copy ONLY done with the premium (for readind and writing) failed to run…
so i think, the reading device is more important for sd 3.15 than on earlier versions of sd, and the good old tosh 14xx might be a little too old for all those weak-secotor-patterns… :wink: