Safedisc 3.10, Ddump, and Nero

I’m going to try backing up Call of Duty (Safedisc 3.10). Will the following work (I’m using a LiteOn 52246)?

1.) Create image using DDump

2.) Burn image using Nero 6

I noticed that a lot of people have created their image using Ddump, then burned it with Fireburner. For whatever reason, Fireburner does not run on my PC, and so I’m wondering if Nero will successfully burn the image as well?

Thanks in advance…

It may work if you use nero to burn a discdump image (burn using dao96 to maximise your chances).

Ok. If I use Alcohol with the guide posted here for Safedisc 2, will that work? Or rather, will it have a better chance of working?

With your writer, alcohol should work fine for sd 3.10 if you use safedisc 1 datatype settings. (Just remember to enable Ignore media type before playing the copy from a writer.)

Thanks Philamber…

I used Alcohol with the Safedisc setting for both read and write, and it worked perfectly.