SafeDisc 2

Hi, I have a Mitsubishi Diamond Data 48x40x12 CD-RW drive and I wanted to know If It could backup a cd with SafeDisc 2.51 protection, If not would there be any successful way to do It.


Try looking here.
You can run the test to see if your drive is able.


I just done that and it isn’t :sad: so is there any way I could burn it still ?

What burning software are you using?
If you use alcohol you should try burning with the safedisc 2 profile, this will enable ‘bypass EFM error’ for you. If the burn still doesn’t run try enable ‘Bad Sectors Emulation’ in the Extra Emulation section.
Also be aware that if you are trying to run the backup from a Burner you will need to tick ‘Ignore Media Type’ also.


I am using the latest version of CloneCD, Is Alcohol any better ?

I think so. But CloneCD will work fine for what you need.
Make sure ‘Hide CDR Media’ is enabled in Tray Icon.
I believe CloneCD also has a Safedisc Emulation feature that will work for you.
But I haven’t used it in years so I can’t help any more sorry.


Ok, Thx for the help :slight_smile:

Ok, I am using Alcohol setup like you said but I don’t have “Bad Sectors Emulation” enabled, and I am making an image file, all I am getting is "Read data examination error at: “random numers going up” What am I doing wrong ?

Thats fine, thats part of sd protection. It may take a while (over 1 hour in some cases) but let it finish.

Yeah, Just done a google search after I posted here and found cdfreaks fourm popup saying that it’s normal.

CloneCD is good for 2.x, but not 3.x, as there emulation is blacklisted, and for many, the emulation was the thing that made the copy work.

The current CloneCD does not have any useful emulation features except for Hide CDR Media, which can also be found on the more recently updated programs like Alcohol and Daemon Tools.