SafeDisc 2 writers list update



I just posted the article SafeDisc 2 writers list update….

There’s an update on the SafeDisc 2 compatible writers list…

There are a lot of people who want to know if their writer supports SafeDisc 2 but the CloneCD Hardware Requirements doesn’t…

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that is very nice. Bookmarked :wink:


Tnx i see me plex 16/10/40a is supported but only to play the same game in the writer… so nice there are no cd patches :4


Are they sure that the new plextor 24/10 writer can do sd2 backups? The drive isn’t released yet so how were they able to confirm this?


Greatwolf: I read in the Cloneclinic that Olli of already had a hold on that drive, obviously to prevend such crap to happen with the subchannels as with the 12x and 16x plextors.


This 24x Plex was indeed confirmed by Olli so this would seem pretty reliable to me. He didn’t contact me directly but I also read it at CloneClinic… Grtz


I got the TDK 24x burner and it kinda sucked. Sure it looked nice and TDK takes care of it customers. But burning with CloneCD 3 it took me 10 mins to burn on the fly from a 16x dvd rom. Then burning from am image it took me 8 mins at max speed and 10 mins at 24X. Then using adaptec it took me like 10 mins again to burn at full speed. Anyone else noticed this or noticed that the plextor is doing the same?


What about NEC 12x10x32x EIDE?!? the CloneCD compatibility list is all OK! has someone of you never tried it? About SD2?!?


There has been an update to the Plextor 161040, doesn’t it solve the problem with subchannels?


Oi, add my Ricoh MP7163A to the list, the backup plays on both the burner itself and the pioneer 106S DVD-Rom for sure, but not on the asus 50x and the teac 24x.


I can’t work out what model my Sony CRX140e it says crx140e -81 on the box it came in, and on the actual CDRW itself… t’was made in feb 2001. whether thats a -ch2 or -rp beats me… also is the sony only readable in recorder as well?


I have a RICOH MP7200 burner and according to the list it supports SD2. Well, it DOESN’T, not with firmware v1.10 nor with v1.30