Maybe someone can help me. I probably overlooked what I am seeking to find but.....

I need to copy Operation Flashpoint and High Heat 2003

I have two computers, each with CLONECD or whatever it is. One writer is a SONY CRX-160 12X drive, the other has the PLEXTOR 24/10/40. What settings do I need to copy these cds? Or, what other software do I need.

This is so annoying! and i really hope someone can help me!



Install the latest version of Clone from

Use the defaults provided by Olli & you may be pleasantly surprised.

If you have a problem, read the stickys and get back to us :slight_smile:


I have the latest versions of CLONE CD. What do you mean by OLLI? I’m a newbie with all of this :slight_smile: Explain!


If I burned a copy of Operation Flashpoint, and it works, does that mean everything worked out ok? Or does that whole “gameplay will deteriorate” thing still exist.


Check you have this version

Download Version BETA 14 (last updated April 8, 2002)
Setup Version BETA 14 (ca. 1,84 MB) Last updated: April 8, 2002.

This is the full version, including the Setup program. You can use it to update your current CloneCD version, too.

If it’s not visible when you visit [then hold Shift & Click Refresh on your browser’s button bar.

Back to your problem. Please go through the sticky posts, pinned at the top of this forum: there are issues with DMA, chipset drivers & what have you :eek:

Post again

PS [url=]Olli](]here[/url) is the CloneCD Author :wink: