SafeDisc 2 under Win2k

Wondering if anyone has any ideas on this…
Running Win2k SP1
Plextor 161040A (IDE)
had the same issue with a LG 8080B (8x4x32x)

NO game protected with Safedisc 2 will run on my system without a NoCD patch. I’m not talking about copies, either. The original, bought-and-paid-for, brand new out of the box game CD’s refuse to run. I can install the game, but when it comes time to run it, usually the logo will pop up for the game, and it crashes back to the desktop. Why would this be? I borrowed a friend’s external HP 8230E that runs Safedisc2 games on his Win98 system, but the same problem on mine.

This happened with: Diablo II, Undying, Quake III, and Black & White

Does this have anything to do with Aspi layers? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s frustrating to buy a new game, and have to crack it before I can even use it.

I also have Win2K and SP1 but never had any problems with SD2-protected games.
Maybe it’s really the ASPI layer?
You can find Force ASPI at

-> Download -> Support Utils (Headline)


P.S.: Can you tell me if it works?

Thanks for the response Ford Prefect…I’ll try out the ForceAspi layer tonight and post the results.

ASPI is only required to allow burning, has absolutely no effect on normal cd use.

BlackDiamond - yes, you are right…ForceAspi had no effect. Never had any problems burning with this system either…just SafeDisc 2. Such an ODD problem…I am really out of ideas.