Safedisc 2 problem

I burn the sims deluxe to cdr and use insector 2.1 to fix errors and lunched insector to mount and game dont work and i use insector 3 to mount the game playes but only in win xp if i use clonecd to burn and emulate does the game works or i must copy again from the orignal disc :sad: :confused: :sad: :confused:
my lg ced 8080b dosnt support cheep 1 or 2

As far as I know Insectors is for older SafeDisc protected games I don’t know which version is the last one which is supported. I’m even not qite sure if this is the right place to talk about these kind of programs. You won’t be able to create a working backup using CloneCD maybe you try Alcohol using SafeDisc 2/3 profile. Good luck :).