SafeDisc 2 is to be beaten!

I just posted the article SafeDisc 2 is to be beaten !.

DiscDump is getting hot soon
XiT the coder from DiscDump optimized the
scanner engine from discdump and now
he has first suceeds in coping SafeDisc 2 protected games :slight_smile: I talked to him and he…

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I hope it workes… I’m getting sick of using those damn cracks :c :c

Cracks…what cracks…just use CloneCD to make a 1:1 copy and thats that

The thing that would be truly great is if DiscDump can b used 2 copy SafeDisc 2 protected games with hardware that normally can’t do that :d

Those cracks suck indeed Deimos000. But I heard stories of people who copied SD2 with CloneCD and one even with CDRWin!!

I did it with Clonecd! I copied RA 2 and it works fine!!

People. Once and for all: This question if you can burn SD2 protected games entirely depends on your hardware. SD2 uses weak sectors which causes the burner to ‘overload’. Check thise article by Olli on SD2: Olli: Check here :4

copying safedisk 2 is completly hardware dependant. if u wish to c if ur writer can copy it got to it is located on the right jhand side

All this talk about Safedisk2. Just just UnSafedisc 2.0 by R!sC. Make a flat copy of a cd to your harddrive. Use the Dumper.exe to make a .bin file of the protected exe-files (setupsetup.exe and installra2.exe if you take Red Alert 2 for example) and convert them with the Builder.exe back to exe-files. The Safedisc protection is completely deleted and you only need to copy the new files over the original ones and voila, you have a totally safediscfree game which you can burn to a cd and freely copy around… This really works, I’ve tested it with Ra2. I burned it with a philips 3610 burner and it’s playable everywhere…

anyone know what the deal is with ordering clonecd. i’ve tried to get a order though 3 days ago with no reply from ollie

y not just get the keygen so u can register using any name u like and get it full version

well i prefer to use the in this case the purchased key. specially since hearing about people using keys that don’t work and they think it works and then coasters:4

XiT trys to make a solution for all people not just for owners of Phillips burners ! If he does the job he is the hero :slight_smile: If not he is just another Lamer ! :wink: But believe me, you will be impressed soon ! Cya !

Well we’ll see about that. I think the combination of a Plextor CD-R and CD-ROM should do the trick.

Tired on safedisc2! Can any tell me where I can find a crack for CD-Cops v.164? The decryptor at Gamecopyworld did not work!

@stuff: There is no generic crck for CD-Cops. Only crcks for game executables… But are U sure the decryptor didn’t work? I backupped a game with CD-Cops 1.64 with it (Traitors Gate). But you have to use it right… Greets

Thanks for your answer ! I tink i’m doing right but the game even has dummy filez. I have even tried to use the decrypted exe-file with the orginal CD but it’s hopeless!Is it because the dummyfilez the game didn’t work ?

I have managed to burn a copy of RA2 with CloneCD and a HP9110i drive. I only selected the fast error skip option and it seems to be fine, though when I install it it displays a small white box in the middle of the screen and hangs. It works fine in any CDROM drive if you just slect play though. Is this correct or have I not succesfully burnt 1:1 :slight_smile:

SafeDisc makes me :r

What Readers work with SD2 then?? :slight_smile: