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"CD Freaks doesn’t support or encourage software piracy but people have the right to back-up their games (if they are the owner) for personal use. That’s what this article was intended for. " Why don’t you ask the maker of the game if you can copy itfor your own use. You are being hypocritical. If people want to back a game, then they should send a letter requesting permission and a way to do so. You are being complicit and you completely advocate illegal pirating.


If you don’t like this site get the f*ck out of it… :stuck_out_tongue: It is my right to make a backup… and when the software company is preventing me in doing that… I must search for a source which keeps it possible to make a good copy… so: great work, CDFREAKS! :7


You do have written consent from the manufacturer. Read the EULA agreement, in most cases you are allowed 3 personal copies of the game. I think Macrovision_Rules should know a little more about what he is talking about, because I , as well as others I am sure, am getting sick if his comments that are supportive of protection, but have no base when it comes to the legality of copying a cd. I dont know how many of you have been happy you have that backup of a game when the original gets a nice scratch, or you left it in the sun too long. So cool it Macrovision_Rules


First off, I am no lover of MacroVision or CD copy protection, but the ‘Legal right to backup’ is apparently a myth. I thought, at first that this was true, but after writing a e-mail to the european copyright council complaining about the infringment on my right by MacroVision and other copy protection companies, I was informed that Copying is Illegal, in any form and the EULA state that no part of the CD or product can be copied, not even with consent. Now I know this will not change many poeple opinions on copying and copyright laws may be different in america but i just though i’d make the point. :stuck_out_tongue:


It is true that some EULA state that no copies are allowed, however, some also state that a certain number are allowed as long as there is not intent to sell or distribute.


Very good article… But I wasn´t able to make a backup of my Max Payne. When I tryed to install it it stopped and complained about the file data2. Is it anything wrong with the original cd?? I used CloneCD and BetaBlocker. What should I do??


I think that all legit purchasers should be able to make backups of their games. I have been told by a couple of companies (and my friends have also) that they are not allowed to make ANY additional copies at all of their PURCHASED software. One of my best friends had his house burn about 6 months ago and lost a lot of games, so we all started backing up what we could, but with copy protection today we often don’t get very far. I believe that if I purchase a game, I should be able to make backups for myself with no problems, I bought it, I can do what I want with it, damnit! (within reason)


I live in Norway, and here everyone has a RIGHT to make copies of cd’s and even share it with friends and family,so copy protection like this is actually against norwegian law…:slight_smile: -About the article: I got a plexwriter 24/10/40,and acording to the list in this article states that it supports correct efm coding, my backups of diablo2 will only play in the burner… Does anyone know why?


Mozez. You’re NOT allowed to make copies of cd’s and share them with your friends in Norway. Where have you heard that? :4


Good site!:4 I have found where i was looking for! And now let’s hack and crack some games!!!:d :d :d


perhaps if game makers made there games more affordable, we would not be looking to copy them for friends or family. I get a little PO’d when I pay 40-50$ only to see the price slashed in half 6 months down the road


Most EULA’s state that at least one backup can be made of a program for your own use, and limit how many systems the program can be simultaneously installed or run on. If the EULA does not permit backups of the CD to be made, then the company typically will provide you a backup in case of damage or loss to the cd. Now not to insult anyone, but if you lose all proof of ownership, i.e. you don’t keep the original receipt/box, you’re accepting the fact that you may not be able to claim ownership if the original CD is lost. In the case of high-end programs like 3d modelling or CAD, you should have backups and/or proof of ownership off-site. Simply put: most EULA’s provision for replacement copies or allow you to make a “Fair Use” personal backup. If in doubt, read the EULA or contact the manufacturer.


Well with respect to USA copyright law, ANYTHING can be copied. Period. There are perfectly legal ways a copyrighted work can be copied and publicly even used or distributed, such as Fair Use, or Parody. Of course there are certain limiting factors. Aren’t there always. There’s a significant body of legal argument to suggest one can even copy say a music CD and give it privately to a friend. The big distinction is copying a work and then selling it as your own. That’s obviously not going to work. But, USA copyright law does not prevent me from laying a book I’ve purchased across my scanner and printing copies of it so I can read it in my upstairs bathroom while I leave the book downstairs on my bookcase. It’s simply not defined that way. The same would go for copying CD’s. Regardless of what the EULA states. It’s a common practice to put restrictions and limits on rights in a EULA to the advantage of the owner that are NOT legally enforcable in the hopes that the unwary consumer toes the line. I have small children, my smallest is now 2 and she used the computer by herself. But being 2 yrs old, I MUST give her COPIES of her games and activity programs. I date the copied disks and sometimes I’m making one I just made a month ago. You gotta accept this when allowing 2 yr olds to discover and learn. Spin Out


First of all, Macrovision_rules doesn’t know his head from his ass. Secondly, I’d like to say that I have the right to copy any game that I own. I’m the one who goes to work and works hard for the money that I spend on these games and If I want to copy those games I can. Thank you for the insight, CD Freaks. I now have working backups of all 4 Sims cd’s. :slight_smile:


I recently had my half-life CD scratched, and fortunately made a backup from a friend. :slight_smile: In a much worse incident, I had put all my favorite game CDs into a travel case to take to a LAN party. The case came home with me and was sat by my phone. A few days later when I went to play Diablo2, I couldn’t find the case. After searching multiple times over the next 3 weeks, I finally decided that my kids must have knocked it off of my desk and into my little trash can. I check with Blizzard about getting replacement disk, and (if I remember right) $15 to replace a disk, plus $5 for each additional disk. (Recall that Diablo2 comes with 3 disks, all of which I lost) They also would require me to sent my CD case as verification that I actually owned the game. Since the case was the only thing I had a proof of owning the game, I’d have to insure the shipment and ask for delivery confirmation, because if it got lost in the mail… Anyway, going this route was going to cost me about $30 after all three disk + shipping , so I decided to go the cheaper route. I just made copies of my lost CD from friends, which cost me about $2 in CD-Rs for all the disks I lost. If Blizzard or any of the other companies who’s original disks I lost only wanted to charge me $1 and maybe $5 shipping, then I’d probably have done it, just to have the original CDs again, but at $30, yikes! I could just buy the game again for probably cheaper, since they’ve been out a while. Needless to say, I’m happy that things like cloneCD and my plextor 12/10/32 are available to make my life easier. (and even a little cheaper) :7 -Skier


I tried to copy Red Alert 2:Yuris revenge expansion pack and it didnt work. The image was created and patched successfully. And it burned onto the cd fine but the disc kep saying it was full but enreadable?


i hate not being allowed to copy games. i have a game i installed a while back, it takes up about 600 mb (and with my pc - lowest of the low/crapiest of the crap - its a lot of space). my cd (which was original - i didnt make a copy) is now messed up 4 some reason. the data on my pc is also messed up for some reason; i cant uninstall it cause somethings wrong with the installed data on my pc, i cant reinstall it to uninstall because my cd is messed up. all of this was in the days when i didnt do anything illeagal - which includes copying cd’s. if i did copy the cd, i would have no problem.


backing up safedisk v2 i had problems but found that it was o.k.on a rewritable disk on cdr’s it was no good any explanations of why?


I have 3 kids a wife and 6 computers. And I am not about to buy 6 copies at anywhere from 40 to 60 bucks a pop for newer games. I spent the hard earned cash to buy the product so if I want to copy it for my OWN home use, then I have the right to. Thanks CD Freaks. Got all of my games copied with your help.