Safedisc 2- easiest way to get around it?

I copied a game from my friend last weekend. The game keeps asking for the cd to be in the cd-rom which it is. I found out that safedisc 2 cd security is on the cd.

What is the easiest way to remove the safedisc 2 security so I can play the game.

I tried using CloneCD to create an image file from the copied disc. then I draged the image file to betablocker and clicked patch. Then I used cloneCD to burn the image file back onto a CD. When I tried to play the game. It still gives me the message.

Again. What is the easiest way to remove the Safedisc security???

Any info would help. Please reply with details.


  1. if you don’t own the original yourself and use the backup, you are partaking in illegal activities and we can’t help you. (if youw ant to test the backup you made for your friend it is ok, but be careful on how you phrase your questions then)

  2. have you read the sticky threads in this forum, which are a MUST read for every (new) user here?

If you have read the sticky threads and you have used the search to see if your question has been answered before, please specify your question in more detail. With this I mean, include details of your writer (brand and exact model), include the version number of the program you used to try and make a backup and sometimes it might be useful to include your windows version.

try ticking “hide cdr media” in the systray…

It would help if you told us the settings you used in Clone CD, and what game your copyig … for making a WORKING copy of a game that has SafeDisk 2 ( also known as SD2 ) you need to use FES when you read the CD to the imagefile ( FES = FAST ERROR SKIPPING ) and when you burn the cd check for the AWS ( Amplify Weak Secktors ) … if you live in US ore Japan you can’t use AWS, but you can unlock if you don’t have a burner that can haden REAL EFM … read more about that here :

I hope this helps …

And a good advise … read the forum rules that Da_Taxman told you about … if you keep having problems pleas give us more info. like What Burner, What OS, What Game your copying, What CCD version your useing, … this will help you get a answar to your question faster and you will have solved you problem faster :wink: