Safedisc 2 copies work on the Ricoh 7125a

I just posted the article Safedisc 2 copies work on the Ricoh 7125a….

Sandman used our newssubmit to tell us about his findings with a Ricoh recorder.

As unbelievable as it sounds, I managed to burn 2 Safedisc 2 protected CD’s.

  • Black & White

  • Star…

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Better add the AOpen CRW 1232A then , since it’s the same drive. I have an AOpen CRW 1232 (not A version-no Just Link) and copied NOLF with it and it works in 4 different drives that I have tried it. The AOpen 1232 is the Ricoh MP7120A.

Ive got a Rioch 7080a and have so far been unsucessful, but it seems as though it almost worked, because I never get an error message, just keeps trying to read it forever, or maybe thats what it is supposed to do! Neway i havent played with it very much at all, and it seems like the Rioch drives are capable of copying safedisc 2 so maybe this one is somehow. Anyone else with a Rioch 7080a want to share their results?

The Voyager Elite Force game I have is not a SD2 protected game…and I think Elite Force Came out way before SD2.:wink:

STV:Elite force is not SD2 protected…:8

I copied Hitman on my AOpen CRW9420 (=Ricoh MP7040A) and it worked, but only in the writer

This says NOTHING Many burners can make backups that work in the burner only! Why is cd-freaks posting all these safedsik2-postings if they don’t know themselves what the f*** they are talking about

This has been posted because we added a new burner to the list…

Imation Burn-R 1208a (12x08x32) Copies SD2 also… of course this is a rebadged Acer 1208A justlink drive. (haven’t tested the Imation 12x10x32 yet which is a Teac drive)

Just backed up Undying… It works but only using the burner. My Pioneer 16x won’t play it…

I’ve done some backups with the AOpen CRW1232A (Ricoh MP7125) and had limited results. The SD2 copies worked in about half my drives… but would not work in the AOpen drive itself. I agree… more testing needs to be done before posting this kind of stuff… and who ever is testing this needs to know what protection is exactly on that CD.

The Ricoh 9060a also seems to work with Black and white which is a new Safedisc 2.10.030 Burnt a CDRW but was only readable in CDR drives (all CDR drives testde on worked, probably something about the more powerful laser system available).

This is all old new mates we all know that sf2 works mainly in burners only, why is a question we need to look into before making any further posts ok :4

Hmmmm.Methinks my Smart and Friendly 6424 Turbowriter is a Ricoh…

I have a Sony CD-RW CRX140S i was able to copy Red Alert 2 with Clone CD with these settings Read Subchannel Data on Read Subchannel audio on Fast Error Skip on Dont Report Bad Sectors And the write settings were Dont Repair Subchannel Data perferm Laser Calibration Wait Until Buffers Are Full

I forgot to add, My teac CD-516S scsi reader runs this burn perfectly