Safedisc 2 audio cds? wtf

Hi, i have some protected cds that i need to make a backup copy of and ive been having some problems.

Its a data cd type (plays in cd audio players) but launchs this annoying autostart screen, when closed i tried to rip it using isobuster and audio grabber like this guide says The layout is exactly as it says (tracks are in a sepereate session)

When ripped, the tracks are VERY skippy (cant be my read speed it was 4x) and i cant even rip these to mp3 to transfer to my ipod :a this is highly annoying. How do i rip these tracks?

PC Specs:

Amd Athlon 64 3200+
1gig ram
160gig SATA HDD (what im ripping to)

it cant be my hardware, so how do i copy the tracks out of these cds

Have you tried holding shift when you inert the CD to disable autoplay? Have you tried ripping just with Exact Audio Copy (Secure mode)?

Ben :slight_smile: