Safedisc 2.9

What is the difference between safedisc 2.5 and 2.9? Is it basically the same method?

My appologies if this has already been covered :rolleyes:

Safedisc 2.9 pretty much is just a more advanced version of Safedisc 2.5.
It includes more weak sector patterns among other things, making it harder to copy.
Basically it uses the same method though, yes.
You have to think of copy protections as software just like any other. They fix bugs and add features which bumps the version number up.


Agreed. SafeDisc 2.9 is very hard to copy, but most users can do it with CloneCD, maybe.
It uses more or less the same method except for a few more exe protects (to prevent reverse-engineering) and a lot more weak sectors.

My sd2.9 backup is always working but when i change my pioneer DVD reader with a toshiba 5002…don’t work anymore :frowning:
Also with alcohol emulation :frowning:
Weaks sector freeze my toshiba and my LG 52x writer on reading.
(All backup was made using an LG 32X writer).
I don’t understand…

Lg writers arent all that good.

Plus the Toshiba is very good reader so weak sectors that are burnt ‘almost ok’ just don’t fly with it :smiley:


I’m happy with mine (8525B). It’s 2 sheep.

Thanks for the info I have successfully copied Call of Duty which comes up as safedisc 2.9 with clony. I used a liteon JLMS XJ-HD166S 8x read and a liteon LTR-52327S 8x write with CloneCD ignore WS :slight_smile:

Call of Duty is SafeDisc 3.10 protected. Clony showed it up as SafeDisc 2.9 because it is old and cannot properly detect newer revisions. Download A-Ray Scanner and scan it to return the correct version number.