Safedisc 2.9 or later

All my originals or backups of safedisc 2.9 disks or later have stop being reconised , I just get message please insert original disk, they install fine, all securerom disks play fine, any ideas?

What Type of reader is it?

Lite-on 52x32x52 cd-writerand
Lite-on 4x dvd writer both drives the same wont play original SD2.9 or later, Im guessing some sort of software protection is the cause, or Ive deleted something by mistake, I have uninstalled all virtual drives, I am at a loss

Well, to me it is not your reader’s fault, but somthing on your computer is preventing a SafeDisc 2.9x and above protected game from starting up. But as you said, you uninstalled all virtual drives… do you have ANY sort of emulation running at the moment? Does your SafeDisc 2.8x games run ok?

I have got clone cd installed , tryed uninstalling it , made no difference , safedisc 2.8 seems to work, i have noticed there is still a virtual drive in Nero am trying to work out how to uninstall that .