Safedisc 2.9.040 hits uk

just thought I would let you guys know safedisc 2.9.040
has been released on 2 new titles this week in the uk.
Although other threads have mentioned it before its the 1st time
any titles have hit our stores. strangely indiana jones emperors tomb carries no protection here whereas other countries this too has the new version of safedisc.
The titles released are postal 2 and devastation both caught me out !!
as I checked their protection with clony which mis read this new protection as basic safedisc v2 . EASY I thought !! WRONG!!!
please insert cd was the reply after my copy???
after a brief search through the forums here at freaks I found that disabling any virtual drives ie. alcohol/ccd and disabling hide cdr media off the task bar resolves the situation copy runs ok!
thought it strange when even the ORIGINAL wont run when these are enabled!!!used cd killers protection id2 too find the safedisc version . I suspect newer releases of alcohol and ccd (when it arrives???) will square up this blacklisting or detection analysis of virtual drive and hide cdr media which prevents the cd from running. anyway hope this proves helpful Im sure there will be lots more titles following on with this in the near future! regards logicwatch.

Update your version of alcohol. The current version 1.4.3 (Build 410) can copy sd 2.9 successfully and has also fixed the blacklisting problem.

sorry not the case hear as already using 1.4.3 410 !!!

CloneCD’s virtual drive is also blacklisted (and hide cdr media may be too) and they haven’t been updated since sd 2.9 appeared. Should work ok with current version of alcohol so long as ccd’s virtual drive is removed and hide is turned off.

your right as usual, it was hide cdr media in clone cd that was the offending culprit the virtual drive in alcohol is not affecting the games running . I had disabled both and assumed >>>>>>
sorry, thanks for the info its about time clone cd caught up with alcohol ? come on oli wakey wakey rise and shine!

Wow, this sounds strangely similar to a problem I’m having with Combat Flight Sim 3. With ClonyXXL, the copy protection was (I think) SD 2.7.xx.

When I try to load the game, it pops up a message about a Debugger being detected. I thought it was very strange that it did this even with the original CD as well as the copy.

When I get home from work, I should disable the Alcohol drive and try it. I don’t believe I have the latest version of A 120% so that might be the solution.

Let’s hope…