Safedisc 2.8x - Any successes other than with discdump?

OK, it’s now reasonably clear that The Sims Unleashed can be backed up successfully if discdump is used to make the disc image.

However, save for CopyLord who has succeeded in making a working back-up of a safedisc 2.8x cd with clonecd 3, there don’t appear to have been any successes to date where other software has been used to make the disc image.

If anyone has had success in copying the Sims Unleashed or any other sd 2.8x cd using any software other than discdump to make the image (eg. clonecd 4.x, blindread, fantom cd, cd-mate, cdrwin, discjuggler, alcohol 120%, cdrdao or whatever), please post your results and settings used here.

Where can we actually get Clone CD

Bit of an off-topic response but you’ll find it easily enough with an ftp search .

Done Unleashed and Total Club Manager both are Safedisc 2.8 with DiscJuggler V.4.
both play ok on my other PC from a Pioneer 117DVD drive, Unleashed will play from CD-RW with hide cd-r enabled Total Club Manager will not???
Here are the settings I used for DJ (V4.01.968)
advance tab
R-W(CD&G) checked
ignore read errors checked
PQ checked
Raw Read checked
Verify Image checked (BTW this doubles read times)
Read verify speed 4X

advance tab
Mode 1/DVD
R-W(CD&G) checked
P-Q checked
Raw Write checked
Speed Max
I do not think you need to have all these settings selected but it works:cool:

Thanks plimo. It’s good to know that there’s another way to copy cds with the latest safedisc version. :slight_smile:

As for the settings, whilst I’ve never used discjuggler, I doubt that reading and writing of R-W(CD&G) is required or for that matter P-Q, since safedisc doesn’t use any of the P-W subchannels as part of its protection. (Discdump certainly doesn’t read them in either standard or safedisc mode.)

A raw read and write should be sufficient though it wouldn’t hurt to have PQ checked for the write just to ensure that dao16 is used as the burning mode (note: by checking both sets of subs, you’ve done a full raw dao96 read and write to get your working back-up.)