Safedisc 2.80.(0)10

Can Blidwrite copy Safedisc 2.80.(0)10 ??
If so do you need to make a BWA file ?

As I have already copied Patoon:




Yes it can copy Safedisc 2.8 and no you dont need to make a .BWA, thats not needed for Safedisc.

Blindwrite does often get coasters if you burn safedisc 2.8X discs. You better use Alcohol 120%.
And the bwa files are for securom 4.8XXX plus!
Other protections copied with a bwa file get coasters!

I would appreciate more details about your affirmation blindwrite vs alcohol for safedisk 2.8

at this time since the 4.2.4 I don’t think there is any problem, and if you experienced coaster , please help us to solve them by reporting your configuration.

Ok I’m sorry. I only used the trial version of 4.2.3 so I really can’t tell if the new version can do that. I have to download the file first.
I’ll check later on
btw. bwa creates coasters if it is not securom 4.8+, am I right, lapinou?

You only burn more physical characteristics? So i won’t understand I would produce a coaster, but this is only a guess of me:)!

Is the problem not being able to install with bwa file used copies fixed with this new version of blindwrite?

I have not yet used blidwrite to backup my safedisc 2.8.
I will now have a go and if I end up with a coaster collection I will report my configeration to you lapinou

I did not get a working backup using Blindwrite,
however, Using Cone cd with the settings from Scout final 2.2 I was able to make a 1:1 copy.

I have a Liteon 48x12x485w firmware Ws09
Using Aspi 4.60
Operating system Xp

What is Scout and where can I find it?

Scout is a copy protection detector:

Get it here:

As i stated in a post a while ago, i had success using Blindwrite suite to back up both NFSHP2 and Nascar Thunder 2003, which are both SD 2.80.10.

Version used was 4.2.2.

Both backups made with no fuss and certainly no coasters!!

That might be alright if you are not using the latest Blinwrite Like I was Vesion 4.25 leaked:
I never had Version 4.2.2.
What is the point of Blindwrite updating to newer versions if they dont work?


Hi Jellybelly,

I’ll D/L the latest version and try NFSHP2 again and let u know the result…

I would have thought once they got SD2.8 working, they wouldn’t have altered the code in relation to it, but maybe a bug crept in there somewhere??


I’m afraid recent versions of blindwrite aren’t particularly reliable.

Some people have had excellent results with blindwrite in copying cds with the latest protections. Others, using the same hardware have had no success at all, and, regrettably, I’m in the second category. :frowning:

send me detailed report I will forward them to development team.
According our last test, nothing is on the work in the deep engine of blindwrite… so only feedback from users will allow us to improve the program

According to Clony, YaPS, Yates and safedisk analyser these disks I have contain SD 2.8.10: MOHAA SpearHead, IronStorm (CD2) Using my 48125W as reader and writer copies are successful, but using my 163D DVD blindwrite says the images are bad and guess what it is right the 163D dvd is a bad reader for me on these cd’s.

This is not a hardware problem either, blindwrite will not recognize or acknowledge that there are errors on these disks when using the 163D DVD, cd-mate, alcohol and clone will recognize and acknowledge the errors, I can also make back-up’s using these and my 163D DVD as the reader, just blindwrite will not do it.

Originally posted by lapinou
send me detailed report I will forward them to development team.

Ok, I’ll download the latest version tonight (oz time) and give you a detailed report in the next few days.

Ok Jellybelly, i tried both NFSHP2 and Nascar Thunder 2003 (just to be sure!) with the latest version of Blindwrite suite (

Used Litey 40125S to read and write. Both backups installed and ran perfectly from my CD Rom.

Maybe it was something in the RC version??

Anyway, good luck.