Safedisc 2.8 on the Sony DRU500A WOW

Great & actually unbelievable news, using the new FIFA2003 disc 2 which clone wont even back up.

Put the original disc in my Liteone 163D then tried Veritas Record Now which comes bundled with the drive.Chose make exact copy, and then 5 minutes later out pops a perfect safe disc 2 back up which works on my daughters Tosh 1612 DVD Rom, and in my Liteon 163D.

So a Safedisc2 back up on the fly in 5 minutes using Veritas Record Now…

So a Safedisc2 back up on the fly in 5 minutes using Veritas Record Now…
Fist time i heard of a SD2.5xx or newer game being backed up successfully on the fly … don’t think it is possible :confused:

Are you 100% sure that the disc is protected?

I didnt think it was possible myself.So let me fill you in with more info.
The disk is safedisc 2.8 i believe, using disc dump it takes about 15 minutes to back up to an ISO image file, the the back up will only work if burnt with Fireburner.Usinng Clony XXL the protection is identified as Safedisc 2.5+ and is a 10 skuller.Clone Cd will not make a back up of the disc using my Liteon 24 or the Sony DRU500A.

So while I was authoring last night using Veritas to back up my DVD I noticed tha+t the record now software seemed to be writing raw as it would back up my DVD5 movies on the fly.

This morning I thought id try and do a backup of Disc 2 Fifa 2003 , chose the make exact copy option loaded the disc into my liteon 163D and a blank into the Sony, 5 minutes later an exact copy and a fully working back up of a Safedisc 2.5+ disc.

I know it sounds unbelievable, and ive been burning for over 4 years now!!! but I can confirm that it does indeed back up on the fly in 5 minutes.Thats why I decided to register here,(ive been reading the forums for ages now but never felt I had anything new to offer to all the discussions) but this i felt was worthy of reporting.

I am now going to try a Securerom new title, Colin Mcrae 2 and see if that works also.Links 2003 I will try next.

Please run the 3-sheep-test on this drive :slight_smile:

Veritas, nice one!
I posted a question earlier today asking if anyone had tested the DRU500A with any Safedisk procteted games…
It makes a change, I bought my 24x Plex last christmas… just as they released SD5.2 (couldn’t copy it, should have bought a LiteOn)… I’ll test a few myself.
Only tried Fifa 2002 so far, no problems there (and my plex wouldn’t touch it)
Keep us posted.!!!


I did the sheep test on the drive, it struggled with the 3 sheep test…!
But while it was trying to copy the 3sheep file to my drive something occurred to me that was very interesting. If I was to put a chocolate biscuit in my drive it wouldn’t be able to read that either. Surly any image created for the masses MUST be able work with all CD drives, else no-on could run them!
It seems to me there is only so far they can go with bad/week sector combinations, thereafter there becomes a compatibility problem?
Q. The point to this test (forgive my ignorance). It seems a reasonable question to ask, is it just to test the reading capability of the Sony unit?

The test is more about writing than reading.

Did you realise that the 3-sheep file created funny patterns on the disc? At least my LiteOn does :slight_smile:

The Toshiba SD-R 5002 seems to write and read the 3-sheep test file without any problem.
When writing this file in this writer, then every other drive should be able to read the disc.

Yep! I’ve done Total Club Manager 2003 with the Sony, I think this is SD 2.8.10. Good News!!!:smiley:


Techmeister… nice one

What did YOU use to copy it with. RecordNow (Max)?
Stomp RecordNow (Max)? CloneCD?
Settings for us all?:wink:

Sony dru-500a, firmware 1.0d and Lite-On 40125s, firmware zs0p both didn’t pass 3sheep test, this is very bad.

Well, when writing the test, I actually did not believe that there is any writer which can do it :wink:


I done it with both Clone, + Clonyxxl settings, and with CD Mate + SD2 profile.

With CD Mate it was done “on the fly” using a Liteon 163d as the source. I took about 10mins.

Clone I made an image at max then bunt to CD at max using the Sony for read and write.

Obviously the back up is not 1:1 and needs to be run in either a reader or with ‘Hide CD Media’ enabled.

I’ve upgraded Orlogix RecordNow Max 4.10 from the suppiled Veritas RecordNow (Stomp 4.50 version not available in the UK) and although the quick version is OK, the full version DOES NOT see this drive. I tried the stomp trial version 4.50 before parting with my cash and this was OK, SO I’m a little bit Pi***d off with them and Orlogix support is a bit slow :a .


@ Veritas:What firmware has your DRU 500A?


I have Stomp RecordNow Max v4.5 WITH Sony DRU500a support.
Im also in the UK, I found a link on one of the forums CDRLabs I think … I’ll go look:rolleyes:
If not how can I send you the update?

Here u go…! read the thread first though. It worked fine for me.

Thanks Heretic,

But the update only works with the stomp version.

I was automatically directed to the Orlogix site by Veritas :confused:, Orligix have only a dead link to a demo version :a so I tried the stomp demo version, and then thinking it would be the same, I paid for the full Orlogix version :frowning: as it was not possible to buy the Stomp version from the UK for some strange reason.

Anyhow the drive’s good, but Nero isn’t the best program to use with it especially with DVD+R.



Another test for the drive

Thought I’d try The Sims Unleashed
Clonyxxl settings and CloneCD

Read using LiteOn LTD163 DVD drive to Sony DRU500a

Played no problem :wink:

Anyone else got a test for this baby?:Z

Originally posted by Hemispasm
Fist time i heard of a SD2.5xx or newer game being backed up successfully on the fly …
PaRaDoX has done this with LTDs and LTRs for some time on fast AMD CPUs with VIA chipsets.

Originally posted by FutureProof
PaRaDoX has done this with LTDs and LTRs for some time on fast AMD CPUs with VIA chipsets.
I thought it was obligatory to create an image file from the original cd for the backup to work (due to the weak sectors and all - never thought they could be written on the fly)

Has anyone already tried to back up safedisc 2.9 (or later) with this drive?