Safedisc 2.8 & Discjuggler

Can someone post step by step instructions on using DJ to copy a safedisk 2.8 protected game. I read that DJ writes the pre-gap correctly and with the aid of a 2 sheep burner can actually make a near 1:1 copy with no emulation needed. I read options to check for in DJ here:

The pictures dont always load but I saved the webpage and know what to check off, but every time I try, the backup doesnt work, not even on older safedisc games.

I know DJ is not newbie software and has many advanced features, but with one nice step by step explaination, I think I along wth many others can do it.

there was a post about it, with pics showing what needed to be checked off somewhere … i used it the one time and followed the instructions but it didn’t work for me shrugs

Instructions for using dj to copy sd 2.8 protected games are set out in the safedisc sticky.

Be warned though that dj will only work for sd 2.8 if your reader is capable of reading the pre-gap with sufficient accuracy. A recent Asus or Plector cdrw or a Toshiba dvd will do but you’ll need luck if you use a Lite-on as your reader.

Needless to say too, you’ll have to use a 2 sheep writer (any recent Asus or Lite-on will do) or one of the rare 1 sheep writers that doesn’t require AWS to burn the image.

Sorry philamber, I should have mentioned as I do recall reading about it, I do have a toshiba dvd-rom and my lite-on is a 2 sheep burner. You say it only works for safedisc 2.8, what about previous safedisc such as 2.7 and so forth. In any case, I am willing to try this, can someone post how to make the copy with the instructions I asked for before?

Originally posted by xtacydima
You say it only works for safedisc 2.8, what about previous safedisc such as 2.7 and so forth.

Dj will work with all versions of safedisc up to 2.8. Probably works fine with 2.9 too but untested by me as no 2.9 game yet released downunder.

For versions up to and including 2.7, any raw reader is ok so long as you use a 2 sheep writer. From 2.8 you need a very accurate reader and a 2 sheep writer. Your combo will be fine. :smiley:

Well I tried Age of Mythology, which is safedisk 2.70 and I couldnt get a working copy. Would it be too much to ask for a step by step walkthrough or a screenshot walkthrough. I must be doing something wrong :confused: