SafeDisc 2.7

I’m trying to make a backup copy of a game protected by SafeDisc 2.7. To do this I use CloneCD and the 2.51NoAWS profile provided on this site. If I load the image file thus created onto the CloneCD Virtual CloneDrive it works perfectly. If however I try to burn it onto another CD using the same profile the resulting copy doesn’t work. I’ve tried burning at a slower speed ( 8x ) and that didn’t help. My drive is a Plextor PX-W4824A 1.04. Any ideas ? :rolleyes:

Since you’re using a plextor which is a 1 sheep writer, you need to use the safedisc 2.51-AWS profile.

Hmm, I’m not so sure Phil. I tried AWS and got the same result. Is it that AWS should only be applied on Write and not on Read ? Also, the image file acquired with the non-AWS profile works fine from the CloneCD virtual drive.

I’ve assumed that the same profile should be used on both Read & Write processes…is that incorrect ?

Only difference between the AWS and the no-AWS profiles is with respect to writing.

Three things though-

[li]Are you attempting to play the copy from a writer? If so, you’ll need to enable hide cdr media before playing.
[/li][li]Many safedisc protected games are hotwired to run only from the installation drive. If it’s one of those and you installed from the virtual drive, the copy won’t run from a physical drive (unless you hack the registry).
[/li][li]There is no guarantee of a successful copy with a 1 or 0 sheep writer. Most plextors can do sd 2.51+ with AWS, some don’t need it at all and some, unfortunately, can’t do it at all.