Safedisc 2.51

Trying to backup my game with safedisc 2.51 and when i try to play it says unable to locate cd-rom.Using a lite-on and plextor both 40 x with clone cd did game profile and safe disc profile that i downloaded here and turned off aws.Any help would be appericared.Thanks:bow:

Did you enable ‘Hide CD-R Media’?
Try that, or do both reading and writing with your Lite-On.

I did not do hide media but i did read a image with the lite-on and also wrote it with the lite on.Do i need that or is it possible to make a true 1 to 1 copy?

Do you run the game in a burner?
If you do, you have to enable Hide CD-R Media (Safedisc checks if it is a CD-R/W disc in the drive).

If you run it in your normal CD-Rom, and still get the same message, something other is screwy…

Jusf follow these steps: :wink:

1.Read cd (in your burner) 2 image with CloneCd at SafeDisk 2 NO aws profile downloaded here >> (2) [no AWS].ccp

2.Patch IMAGE with these version of BetaBlocker. Down here >>

3.Burn patched IMAGE 2 cd with CloneCD Again with the same profile.

4.PLAY !!! :bigsmile:

Did you try the default setting with your lity with clone ?

I’ve just backed up serious sam second encounter with max on everything and default game setting and :bigsmile: .

sorry - both with your lity read and write

I use ClonyXXL, 2.006 or whatever, it scans, selects settings, then starts CloneCD.

2 LiteOn drives, LTD 163 reads, LTR 32123S writes, great results. Max Payne, Hitman, Grand Theft Auto 3, no problems.

Dell 4100
1 Gig mhz
256 Ram
64mb GeForce2 Video

Shouldn’t be a problem with your Lite-on. Just use the Lite-on both to read and write with the standard game cd profiles, but making sure you have AWS disabled.

If you run the back-up copy from a cdrw, you will need to have hide cd media enabled to play the game but if you run it from an ordinary cd/dvd rom you don’t.

If you use a Lite-On 40125S, you don’t want to use betablocker, because this program makes it impossible to update games later on.
just use the no AWS profile for SD2 and you’ll have to turn on the Hide Cd-r media or have to run the discs in a normal cd-rom player or dvd-rom player. (not a cd-burner!)

1:1 copies are not possible. The extra that comes with most sd2.51 protections is that there is another protection that reads the atip out of the cd. The atip can be hidden by “hide cd-r media”.
The atip is a little script that is written in the inner ring of the cd-r discs. It contains information about what brand you are using and what the color of the burnable area is.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

So 1:1 is not possible, but near 1:1 is possible with your drive.

ps. what game did you try to copy?