Safedisc 2.51 Performance?

I have a LiteOn LTD-163 DVDRom Drive with GH5Q Firmware. I thought that this drive was supposed to have good SD2 Performance, but when I tried to back up my copy of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind today with CloneCD, it wouldn’t do fast bad sector skip, or at least I don’t think it did. It said that the operation would complete in 57 minutes. That is a very long time! Is my drive defective or something? Why is it reading the disc so slow when it is supposed to read SD2 pretty fast. I am pretty sure that this game uses Safedisc 2.51.021. Am I doing something wrong maybe? I used manual settings in CloneCD and I also used ClonyXXL to make my settings for me. I ended up using my burner to back up the disc (Plextor 124TS) and it did it in 8:30 minutes. I am very interested in feedback, so please help me if you can.


This performance is not bad! These 57 minutes are only an estimation, assuming that the bad sectors would continue all over the disc!

But they stop after 3%, and then you’ll see a normal amout of time.

But when I read the disc to an image with my Plextor burner, it gave me an estimated time of 8:30 minutes. Why would it give a different estimate with the LiteOn DVDRom drive?

Because the Plextor has faster bad sector skip