Safedisc 2.51: backup questions

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-212D / DVR-2810. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I need to back up Safedisk 2.51 disks (CDs). I have a Pioneer DVR-212D
18X SATA DVD Burner, and have installed latest (v1.24) firmware.

  1. Can I sucessfully do these backups on WinXP? With CloneCD? With Alcohol?
    Which is better? Other? What settings should I use?

  2. Or, is there Linux software that would do the backups?

  3. Does anyone know haw many “sheep” this drive has? Is there any other
    firmware out there that would improve things (increase the number of “sheep”)?

[li]If it’s a 2 sheep drive, certainly; if it’s a 1 sheep drive, probably; if it’s a 0 sheep drive, maybe (though some form of emulation will probably be required. Either alcohol or CloneCD will be fine. Appropriate setting depend upon whether your drive is 2, 1 or 0 sheep.
[/li][li]Not so far as I am aware.
[/li][li]Take Womble’s sheep test to find out. [note that it is unlikely that a change of firmware will affect the cpacity of your drive to write weak sector patterns.]
You should also note that-

[li]Whatever method you use, if you want to run the back-up copy from a burner rather than an ordinary cd/dvd rom, you will need an atip hiding utility such as alcohol’s Ignore media type or CloneCD’s hide cdr media.
[/li][li]Most (though not all) safedisc v.2.51 protected cds will run only from their installation drive (unless you edit your registry).