Safedisc 2.05.030

I am backing up a game which is protected by safedisc 2.05.030. I have the latest clonecd, I have copied the game. When I run the new copy, I get an illegal operation error. Is there something I am doing wrong, or do I need to do something special. I thought the ne clonecd was preset and copied all protected games. Any help would be great.

try using alcohol 120% instead, you can get a free trial of it from

making backups of safedisc protected games really is entirely dependant upon the hardware you have, what make is your cd/dvd drive?

Once I get Alcohol 120, do I need to make any special settings, or are the daefault settings ok.

theres an option for safedisc 2/3 somewhere (sorry haven’t used it in ages!!!), when your copying the game you’ll see something like read/write profile in the bottom left i think, put it to safedisc 2/3, and then pray that it works. I used to spend ages trying to copy safedisc 2 games, mostly hit and miss for me. Its better using a cd rom drive, however now i use a dvd writer these days so mostly miss.

Provided you own the game you could get a no-cd exe for it if you can’t copy it.