Safedisc 1 Bad Sectors?! No IDEA! Please Help!

I am completley new to this and i have made backup[ copies in past using Clony XXL, Alcoholer, and Alcohol 120%.

I scan cd, makes loud gunshot noise then tells me protection, then alcoholer auto starts, then it tells me protection, i start alcoholer120%, THEN! i click Make image, select the profile then burn and it works all the time!

EXCEPT With Dungeon Siege!

ClonyXXL Tells me its safedisc 1, and the database on alcoholer says its Safedisc 1 - Lite - it has Bad Sectors.

I try making an image with the safedisc 1 profile (the drop down box in alcoholer) and then it gives me all these errors with yellow symbols…

Can u either forward me onto a Tutorial step by step method on how to do this or something! i would much appriciate it and be as simple as u can! thanks alot

The errors are normal with protections using bad sectors.

Yeah…just turn the ignore read errors on…safe disk makes you get alot of bad sectors…like up into the 10000s…:stuck_out_tongue: i think around that -.-’

AFAIK the bad sectors are between (roughly) 800 and 10,000 sectors.