Safedisc 1.5.5 Help



So I want to play mechwarrior 4: vengeance. I’ve put the .icd .dll and .exe into a folder, and I ran unsafedisc.exe, clicked on decrypt game, selected the ICD, and I get these two messages.

winNT/2k detected! I may crash now. (press ok)

I press ok

exception occured in do_safedisc_shit @0001f078h

I would appreciate some help… I have mech4 on my pooter for months now, and I’ve yet to play.


Try using your original cd. :wink:


I lost my original when I moved…

I wish I could buy it, but I haven’t a credit card.


Well if that won’t work what else can I do?


I copied the disks to my drive previously, but I later found out that nero isn’t good for that… apparently alcohol 120 is much better?


The time to make a back-up copy of a cd is before you lose or damage it. You’ll just have to buy a new one. If you can provide proof of purchase, you might contact the game’s distributor as they will often replace lost or damaged disc for a fairly low cost.

However, if not, then as it is an old game now, you should be able to find it either in a remainder barrel or as a re-released cheapie so it shouldn’t cost you too much to replace it in any case.


Ah it’s no biggie. If my dad lets me use his credit card, I can order it.

Are there any newer games like this one for PC?