k, thanks. It was probably the auto update thing. Still, I can’t play the game:(

Well it seems that c-dilla puts some stuff near your boot partition. That’s why it doesn’t work if you format or repartition your drive.
Maybe a clearing of the MBR will work.

For more info on this:

[i] I understand your concern and your willingness to help in this matter but please refrain from posting links to sites that advertise defeating software piracy protection.

I understand you are new here, please read ourrules and guidelines[/i].

i take it a moderator edited the posted link.

i might note to the moderator that in this case legal software owners (in the case of mw4, i own legal cd’s of mw4:v, mw4:bk, and mw4:is pak) can and do have problems where attempts to work out means of protecting ourselves from a misbehaving piece of software (in this case macrovision’s safecast) also lose the ability to REINSTALL the is pak without taking the steps alluded to. had macrovision NOT convinced m$ to put this in as an automatic service, this might not have been such a big deal.

i take it we are not free to discuss how to address the issues, since t&b or t&d abusers could abuse the information. is this a correct understanding, sir?

let me add a further question to the moderator. is this why there has been a general lack of answers todate on the issue? is the interpretation of the rules here that that kind of detailed discussion (or any discussion that would would be needed to prove to the public that a software vendor is abusing their acces to an individual’s machine) could potentially assist abusers, so it is either banned or edited into uselessness?

tpohara, I have no problems discussing this issue, quite the contrary. But krak posted a link to a site explicitly promoting reverse engineering and resetting the time limit to defeat the copyright protection which obviously is illegal and therefore, not allowed here.

It is one thing solving an issue (I do understand krak’s intentions) but quite another promoting it to infringe on other people’s rights (like the website is doing).

If you disagree on this or would like to comment on this feel free to post your comments in the CD Freaks Forum Talk.

Remember that what you do in private is no one else’s business, but what you do in public affects us all and is everyone’s business.


i am already familliar with the site in question and had not posted it here (or elsewhere) where the discussion of this software is still going on.

the downside to the approach you need to take here is that deatils for users who ARE experiencing problems caused by this software are (at least by implication) banned. if i misunderstand, fine, i would be glad to post the details without directing anyone to the site (which does promote illegal behaviour). i do note, however, that the manufacturer and publisher BOTH have refused to assist with VALID issues and the net result of prohibiting details is that someone searching the web to fix their problems winds up with only the hacker sites willing to help them.

i also undersand that you may prefer not to have any explanation of how to fix valid problems. but i have to note, sir, that that is a very sad statement on a site that proports to have answers to all things cd.

hi man! who know where in HDD SD save marker and khow detect this place and i need some help, who can download this tools RebIAT101 ( ) and Safecast 2.60.30 OEP Finder + Fix IAT + Fix Stolen Call.txt ( - i have no access to exetools. i want to try use this tools.