Just curious if anyone has any info on this one. Just bought the new MS Inner Sphere Mech Pack for Mechwarrior 4 Vengence. Apparently this CD is protected by Safecast and installs a key and .dat file to your hard drive. Some of the guys I play with have been saying that their firewalls are picking up this program (It puts itself under a hidden folder C_Dilla) trying to “phone home” with information about their computer, software etc… Has anyone else seen this as of yet? :confused:

You probably mean SafeDisk!

Nope. It’s called Safecast. It is apparently something new that MS is using. And to update what I had said before it only seems to be trying to send out info on systems with windows xp. All of us running 2000 and 98 aren’t having the problem.

I have to agree with Upp3rd0G. Here is a little more on Safecast or here you can get it from the Maker, Microvision plusAlittle more on it. Microsoft normally uses Safedisk to protect there stuff, cant say I have seen them use much else. As you will see Safecast is mostly for “Try and Buy” or “Try and Die”

According to the Dev team, which is Microsofts Mech4 gurus, they decided to use the safecast so that you would not need to insert both discs when playing. It apparently just installs a license key on the hard drive in an attempt to keep 2 people from using the same disk in the same game. I am pretty sure it’s not using Safedisc though. I can burn the CD straight through with my HP CD-12, which normaly can’t burn a Safedisc protected CD.

The major use of SafeCast is used on Time Limited products, otherwise known as " Try and Die". The discs are encrypted to expire on pre-determined dates with no further intervention required.

that was from the 2nd link ghostbear gave.

did i read it wrong or did it mention expire ?

u suuuuuure safecast is on that CD ?

Communication of registration and purchase information and the granting of license rights via the Internet, by telephone or fax.

for the same page, this bit fits rather nicely to sirvoid’s claims

It is definately safecast. And we have had a few more complaints from some of our XP users that I play Mech4 with complaining about this safecast not only trying to “Phone home”, but also once the game is started so is safecast. People are complaining that it is a major resource hog. I am mainly just repeating what is being passed onto me at this point. Safecast was installed on my system, but it is not exhibiting any of these signs except for loading with the game.

The Leaked UT2003 Demo Build 927 also uses SafeCast.

It’s a 15 day trial version.

There is a patch available to defeat that limit.

Safecast is installed in the registry under a Hive named C-Dilla.

sirvoid is correct, it is indeed safecast. there is quite an uproar about it on several mech sites.

does anyone here have any reason to think that it will disable CD burners? several people have reported it, but i think their cancerns may be dated back to the c-dilla software that secured 3d Max a few years back (that DID cause major system problems and conflicted with various drivers).

in addition to the hive mentioned in the registry, there is a “hidden” directory on the C: drive (regardless of the system drive), entries in the game directories, and both an .exe and a .dll are installed in the …\system32\drivers, it runs under both win2k and winXP as a service and is installed to start automatically (though it appears that it starts when the software is launched if it has been set to manual and resets itself to automatic if it has been set to disabled).

the same software is included in the free patch for bug fixes and release compatibility, even though there is no cd to protect.

there are several security issues it appears to raise (it communicates through firewalls, presumably by piggybacking on the games connection) that no one appears willing to answer, but i suspect they are probably not within the scope of this forum.

This program seems more like spyware then anything else. From what I read on this website it seems to affect e-mail and is used more for promotions and marketing campaigns. I don’t know how it can then affect burners.:confused:

K. More news that I have heard. Not only does it contact Microsoft but I am hearing people say that this program takes stock of all the software that is on your system. And keeps track of CD’s that are burned once it is installed. I can NOT confirm this, but there are some out there saying they have been able to open up this file after it was installed and found all the info. for his system listed. Like I said I can’t confirm this but if it’s true, it is definately bad mojo.

a) sounds like a conspiracy theory.

b) i doubt its legal

c) use ZoneALARM (although it wont protect if u give the game access rights to play multiplayer)

Here are some things that many people are having happen when they install either the free patch or the game’s expansion program.

1.Legally made back-up copies of programs stop working if c-dilla is installed on the pc they were burned on.The commom error is “Please insert correct CD”.These back-ups worked fine prior to c-dilla being installed.IE,I burn a back-up of a game then install this expansion game.If I try to use the back-up on my system it won’t work,but it will on a system that doesn’t contain c-dilla (I have two back-ups that this has happened on)

2.Indviduals running XP/2000 w/cable modems can experience ‘connection black-outs’ lasting from 1 to 5 minutes.These ‘black-outs’ only seem to affect those with the expansion pack’s c-dilla even if using the same ISP as someone without it (not an ISP problem).

3.The C-dilla program is being installed without the users knowledge into hidden directories and into directories normally used by system drivers.

4.The C-dilla program does not uninstall if the game is uninstalled.C-dilla stays where its at and does not include a means to uninstall it.

5.Deleting the c-dilla .dll’s has no effect.C-dilla ends up reinstalling itself,even if you don’t insert the disk it came from.

6.Individuals connected to routers suddenly have experienced periods of time where they cannot communicate with others on their LAN,especially when file/print sharing

Does MechCommander 2 have Safecast installed? My copy stopped working after installing a patch. No matter how many times I unistall and re-install it it still doesn’t work. Also my computer seems to be connecting continuosly to the microsoft website according to my firewall. Sneaky microsoft.:a

No,MC2 uses another protection form (your standard “Insert Disk”).The MS developer’s abandonded MC2 shortly after its release .The patches that are available are user made and most are poor.A friend of mine had the same problem and had to track down each individual file the patch installed and manually delete them before MC2 work work properly.

Originally posted by khines
No,MC2 uses another protection form (your standard “Insert Disk”).The MS developer’s abandonded MC2 shortly after its release .The patches that are available are user made and most are poor.A friend of mine had the same problem and had to track down each individual file the patch installed and manually delete them before MC2 work work properly.

Wait a minute, I unistalled the game completely. Then I installed it from an image that I had. During the uninstall, shouldn’t the patch files have been deleted? Also, why does the game contact the microsoft website? :confused:

If it was an official patch,yes,it would have.But,there are no official patches for MC2,only user made patches.Any ‘extra’ files the patch installs are not picked up by the uninstall program.We had to use a 3rd party uninstall program to track the files the patch installed to delete them all.What patch did you install,the one that limits your ammo?

Don’t know about the contacting MS thing.Sure its just not a matter of the OS doing an automatic update check?

hmmmm, not sure which of us you are responding to.

the safecast on that we are talking about comes with both micro$oft’s official patch to mw4 vengance (pr3) and bk(pr1) and is integrated also with the official mech paks (is and clan).

safedisk is used for the security on both the original vengance and bk cds.

the biggest hardware problem i have is that after it has started changing disks in my primary drive (dvd/cd) locks the system (win2k) and forces a hard reboot. i set the service to manual so it only starts when i play one of the games.

Was refering to FlyingDutchman’s question as to whether Mechcommander 2 has Safecast.No,it doesn’t.It uses the same protection as MW4/BK,Safedisk,as tpohara stated.