SafeAudio explained and should we fear it?

I just posted the article SafeAudio explained and should we fear it ?.

More information about SafeAudio, and what you can do to bypass it…

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As far as I know no one knows which studio is using the SafeAudio or which title is protected with SafeAudio and I am wondering how can you hack if you don’t know what to hack ??? CDFS.VXD

The links to the CDFS.VXD file are all dead. Is SafeAudio so afraid for it?? Who knows a link that isn’t dead??

padus and teac will work nicely together, but it takes long to copy.:slight_smile:

Complete propaganda. Nothing has been hacked. They are trying to lay claim and bullshit people into thinking that hackers will always win out. You may win a nice jail sentence.

No, not true. Alternate cdfs.vxd just makes the audio tracks on a CD visible as WAV files, allowing the tracks to be drag and dropped to the hard disc. It doesn’t do anything magic to improve the quality of a rip. It could be that the report refers to a CD protected by someone else.

Do not post any content in your message (links, info, etc…) that might be illegal. CD Freaks does not want to be associated with that! Ignoring this request will result in a warning or even a permanent ban. Cd Freaks does not want to be associated with anything illegal…that is the fucking funniest thing I have ever read. This whole website is illegal and promotes hacking… Fucking hypocrites. Everyone knows you have no morals.

From the news on Reuters it looks like all the main record companies are looking at this technology. (Even Sony, which supprised me as they have quite a collection of MP3esq players available.)

SafeAudio Protection improved ?? I got the new nsync album lying next to me and for me its impossible to read it on my pc. the cd-rom drive keeps spinning and spinning and can’t read the CD. I already have the new cdfs.vxd, but its useless cause my cd-rom drive doesn’t accept the cd. anyone can help ?? :frowning:

I have worked out a new copy protection that can be applied to crap CDs like Nsync. It’s called Scratch-Protect 2000. It works like this: You take a stone (try to find a grey - semi round one, I’ve heard they work best). Grab a copy of the CD (has to contain really crap music such as Nsync). Now take the stone and rubb it against the CD. Trust me, no one is ever going to copy this CD!!

Cactus Data Shield Broken ? Anyone ?? 1 million copy-protected CDs released !!!

Its a bit funny to hear about anti-ripping cd protections and any attempts to protect music on internet - if we can hear it we can rip it - I take my friens cd, if my cd-rom dont want to read it I just take an ordinary cd-player with digital output(I suppose most normal cd-players have it)and plug it into my pc and voila (some modern cdprz are “too smart” and dont read cd-rs), besides as I can remember myself I’ve bought my last cd around 1997 =](not bad for a dj ???)and I wont buy any.

THIS WAS ABSOLUTE CRAP!!! I CHECKED THE AUTHORS PAGE, i even checked the html on the download page they didnt even put in the code for the link!!!JEEZ PPLZ GET IT RIGHT!!!:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

SafeAudio ? Get a Plextor drive and grab ripperX! Can play the protected CD’s just fine, rip em, whatever!

SafeAudio is a waste of money. SafeAudio is very easy to overcome as long as you have a good sound card and both a burner and a cd/dvd drive: play the audio cd in the cd/dvd device (output through spdif to sndcard), perform a ‘live audio burn’ in yer favorite cdr software (make sure it knows spdif is the source) and viola…the audio never gets to be analog thus resulting a perfect digital copy. :4

SafeAudio is perhaps one of the greatest uses of money in the modern history. A tool to help preclude morons who do not have any morals from ripping off copyrighted material. I am glad some company is doing something useful. I love the duplicity of this webiste…they ban people who have MVSN domains or who speak out against this morally bereft website…yet they insist that this website is protected under freedom of speech. How hypocritical?

I hope they will at least have the decency to put stickers on the Albums that are protected this way. that is funny. How about people having the decency not to copy cd’s illegally. People should put stickers on their foreheads that read " I like to rip off copyrighted material and do whatever I want with it" No the music labels should not put any labels on it that would defeat the purpose. Perhaps they should put a label such as “hahahahahaha we now have a product that will keep idiot hackers from costing us money…now please be a good little boy and just listen to the CD”

wah wAh wah! stop whining you little sissy girl. don’t you know how to work a search engine?! put in and see what you get. [angry russian]

Who the hell says that it’s right for record companies to pimp artists in the first place? TLC was making .6 cents on the dollar. I’m sure the label really cares about its artists… Horsecrap. They treat intelligent, independent artists like a skunk at a garden party. The sooner record companies burn to the ground the better. Good artists will make art regardless of the payoff. No-talent asswipes like NSYNC on the other hand…