SafeAudio, audio CD copy protection ready for production



I just posted the article SafeAudio, audio CD copy protection ready for production.

In a press release on Yahoo, Macrovision announces that SafeAudio is ready for production. You will think, SO WHAT !? Well this probably means that there will be CD’s on the market that are protected…

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Yeah it probeley will be cracked in 24hours after the cds with this protection comes out. We all know how some people likes a good challenge :4


Even in the unlikely case that the protection scheme cannot be hacked, there’s still the possiblility of analog copying - with a good sound card, the difference can be undistiguishable.


Whatever, digit out from the stereo/computer, into the digital line in then using a wave file copying program. Fuck them! Any company that buys this is wasting their money as they’ll have to pay a fortune for it and it wont stop piracy. It might stop us copying it the way we do now but we’ll still copy it. Who cares if we have to do it another way, Big loss!


Oh yeah, and you know what their response will be: It’s not designed to stop everyone, just designed to stop the casual average home user. Are they honestly that stupid? Do they think it’s the average home user who is ripping them right now and releasing them on the internet?? NO! It’s RNS, EGO, KSI etc. Brain dead idiots!!


what i dont understand is… arent we aloud by law to make a backup of our own bought cds ?


yes,u can legally make backups of any cd you bought… i smell a lawsuit here, why cant the customer sue microvision and and software makers that uses copyprotection that prevents you from making backups? seem like they are vislating your rights by preventing you from making backups…


What’d you mean you smell a lawsuit? We’re aloud to make backup’s of games and they try to stop us doing that. This is the exact same.


You can find the crack at: … Just joking! for now… hehe


Dewdz, Im gonna be the first one to make millions off these brain dead idiots sueing their asses off! If I buy an album and I want to rip a few tracks onto mp3 to have stored on my computer so that I can listen to them at my enjoyment while the original CD sits in my cars cd changer, then they cant make me not do it… Hello Johnny Cochran?


It’s very easy actualy. Correct me if I’m wrong. If I can play it, this means there is NO protective mode active right?!(same as DVD) When no protective mode active, I can do with it what I want. And if this ‘protection’ realy does what it’s suppost to, I fire up my total recorder and record it to HDD while playing…and than I burn the sucker :4 ReanimatoR +++No Carrier


I think SafeAudio is a hoax, because there is no way you can put protection onto the CD audio format and still allow it to work in standard CD players. If the protection is something to do with non-standard audio track gaps. Well, most of our CD writers can manage that.


R.Kelly - Fiesta German MaxiCD is protected:r. They should have put the boobsy video on it instead:+