SafeAudio article big hit, welcome Slashdotters!

I just posted the article SafeAudio article big hit, welcome Slashdotters !.

Some of you might know the term, slashdotted. This is actually what’s going on now here at CD Freaks. calls themself a news for nerds site, and it one of the best known and biggest tech…

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I get it. Get the CDFS.vxd and copy but what should a win2k user do?

WIN2k doe snot support VXD’s that is true. what to do. have 9x installed on another partition or something.

where’s the download link for this file?

Found it at

now we have about 10k a hour
Either you can’t count or Nedstat can’t count. Yesterday you had 46.877 page views, today the estimate is around 70.000, still no way near 10k/hour.

Cactus Data Shield Broken ? Anyone ?? 1 million copy-protected CDs released !!!