SafeAudio adopted by key CD equipment manufacturers



I just posted the article SafeAudio adopted by key CD equipment manufacturers….

We already reported about SafeAudio several times the last month. But yesterday TTR Technologies announced that its safeaudio copy protection technology has been adopted by the music industry’s key…

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I think this is another mistake of the record company`s and finaly it will be bypassed or cracked :4


i wonder what will happen when i, as the legal owner of the specific protected audio cd, want to make mp3’s so that i don’t have to change cd’s everytime… oh well…its going to be cracked eventually :d


hehe safeaudio?.. like that would stop us? :slight_smile: the protection might stop the standard user but not a real cdfreaker´s :wink: :7 :4 Damn We´re Cool :4 :7


They forgot about the simplest way to record. . .Jsut like the old days of dubbing, all you have to do is set up your soundcard to record the audio out and hit record. Break up the wav file with any old program and there you go, perfect cd quality. Encode them if you want a mp3. :d


Quote from TTRTech’s website: “…During the glass mastering process, a specially modified CD encoder introduces selective alterations to the EFM data stream…” SD2 all over again. Can’t think of anything new, can they? :stuck_out_tongue:


Tons of people are ready to try and fight this new coming shit =)


Great, SD2 all over again - which means that it is already copyable with come CD writers. How about that a protection that is already flawed before it is even out :+


:slight_smile: arise people let’s do the job!:8


FUCK THEM ALL!! I always turn my CD’s into mp3’s just so I can have one big jukebox. They’re invading on my rights and on what I want from a CD when I pay for it. FUCK EM ALL!! Anyone know if this has been hacked? It needs to be hacked REALLY fast so that the hack can be release before it’s adopted so that it’s not adopted.


I think we should start a class action law suit. I pay $15 for a CD & I can’t copy it for use in my car letting the copy get all scratched & preserving the original? I can’t rip the song into my RIO mp3 player - Lousy deal - mp3 file sharing has done more for the spread of music & & it’s vast style’s than it has done for the detriment of music. David Bowie released an entire cd of songs written based on his old original style because he, Himself, had downloaded old bootlegs of fan-collected demo’s & live shows - There will always be SPDIF digital audio copy They need to just enforce the law with the sale of unauthorized repackage audio cd’s - but to mess fans truning each other on to new music & especially making backup’s for myself - It’s just not right. Anyone know of a recent title with this protection? - I need to see for myself what they are doing here…