Safe to move to 109 from 108 now?

Just wondering if it is considered safe to replace my DVR-108 to the DVR-109 as of yet? I have flipped through the threads, but not really sure about a few things:

  1. Is it now compatible with the Xbox - Huge concern for me
  2. Can Lite-On Combo (DVD/CD-RW) drives read the Pioneer burned discs
  3. Bitsetting for all +R media can be enabled via the Buffalo firmware
  4. Does it wrte at 16x on TYG03 (true 16x) media

Is there anything I should know about this drive versus my 108? I love the 108, but the fact that it doesn’t do 16x on TYG03’s is a let down, and it’s always nice to have the latest drive.

Any information regarding the above would be greatly appreciated.

4) Sort of(?) depends on your setup…

I am not entirely happy with my 109 and 16x media. I am hoping new firmware will improve this aspect.

My LG 4163 burns TYG03 much better at 16x than the 109 and ~ 1.20 mins quicker.

Thanks for the replies… Rambaud, the Pio drives have never been known to be the fastest drives, but their write quality is some of the best, and that is key to me. It’s just I already bought some TYG03’s thinking that my 108 would burn these at their rated speed, but they don’t, even though 12x is supposed to be faster than 16x on the 108, apparently burning at anything other than the discs rated speed (even slower), provides lower quality writes.

MCC03RG20 discs were great. 16x PCAV.

That hasn’t been my experience. I’ve seen better scans of 8x media burned at 4x or 6x than 8x on my DVR-108. Sometimes all speeds turn out similar quality discs.

I ussually have to test disks to find their best speed.

I find that 6x speed is the sweet spot for quality. 4x often sets a new write stratagy that sin’t very good, while 8 and 12 ussually work much like 6 but with slightly worse quality.

#Well i bought a 16x writer to do 16x, i burnt loads on my 108 (now on 109), i dont waste time jerking of to pictures of scans on burns, i just play them in other pcs and standlones as per normal, never had anyone say they cant play dvd i gave them loan of, btw this was 8x media at 16x.

I’ve just tried running some XBOX stuff on mine and they won’t work…
Compatibility. :rolleyes:

PS: Please don’t take it personally, it’s just all that about “compatibility” which drives me nuts. :bigsmile:

I had same prob doing xbox with 109 but as soon as i dropped speed it burnt perfect

Crap, are you serious? Even if burned at the rated speed it’s not readable on the Xbox?? I only use TYG02/G03 or MXLRG03 discs for my Xbox, so I will NOT be able to read them?? Please reply asap as I was planning on replacing my 108 with the 109 today! :eek:

just stickw ith your 108. It is a fantastic drive that does it’s job well. IF it works for what you need it for then why upgrade? No point in getting a higher model just for the sake of getting a higher model especially when it’s not as polished as your previous modeled drive. The 109 offers nothing in its current state that the the 108 can’t do. Wait and see what pans out with more firmware updates and who knows by then the price may drop some more as well.

Yes mate, i use ritek 8x. The prob i had and didnt notice at first was it burns these at 12x so as soon as i put it back to mininum(4x) havnt had 1 problem with xbox, ps2 or movies

Have you tried at 8x, do you have probs even at that speed since we’re talking Ritek G05’s here?

Well, you prob are right, but I just tend to like to swap as soon as the new drives are out, but I guess worst case I’ll just stick to using my YUDENT002 (+R) discs if v1.40 doesn’t allow me to utilize my -R discs on my Xbox.
I guess I’ll find out tomorrow, put the ‘upgrade’ off until tomorrow or the day after.

I have to say mate, i havnt tried at 8x just that 12x dont work and 2 or 4 did so i went with if it aint broke, dont fix it. 4x speed is fast enough for game that would only take 5mins to burn anyway.I have 2 109 drives and they both work great and still use my a05 sometimes

Oh, ok… as long as you haven’t said they don’t work at 8x, I’m happy. :slight_smile: I guess I’ll find out within the next couple of days, maybe I’ll pick up my new drive tonight or tomorrow, kinda anxious now.

Made the move this evening, so far so good. Burned a Ritek G05 disc at 8x with a movie using DVD Decrypter (SAO write mode) and it played A-OK on my Xbox. So I guess firmware 1.40 does infact correct the incompatibility issues with the Xbox! Woohoo, now to try out my TYG03’s and see how they do on this unit.