Safe to Label Blu-Ray Disks?

Does anyone know if it is safe to label Blu-Ray disks? I remember there being a problem, long ago, with some labels causing problems with DVDs. If I recall, it was something about the type of adhesive that the label makers used that ‘seeped’ into the DVD tracks and made the disks unreadable. Or is that folklore?

I recently bought an internal Pioneer 203BDR drive - love it so far - and have been archiving tons of stuff to it. I’d like to use my Memorex label kit to label the disks that I make but I’m worried that they might damage the disks somehow. Reasonable fear or am I safe?


We don’t recommend stick on labels of any kind. Blu Ray disks are fairly robust, but you still get issues of warping and imbalance using labels.

So that’s probably what I was hearing, the warping issue. Is that when the adhesive sort of pollutes the media?

The adhesive would have to migrate through the polycarbonate. I’m not an expert on plastics, so I don’t know how easy this would be.

That said, we have seen many issues with labels. People find that their burned dvds have corrupted, to the point of not being playable. Sometimes they can recover the material after removing the labels, which is a very odd thing to my mind, but we have seen cases of it.

It might take years for this to happen, so in the short term, you might not see any problems from applying labels. But their effect is unpredictable. So we tend to advise people to avoid unnecessary risks, and simply not use them.

Yeah, Kerry56 is absolutely correct. :iagree:

If you really must have a label then the best option is to use printable discs and a printer that can print directly onto them.


You should use Printable White Blu Ray disc…

Maybe the TDK Inkjet printable in 25 GB or 50 GB format.


I have tried the Memorex labeling system and had major issues. I now use the Neato labels, photoMatte, and have had no issues. I have hundreds of discs with labels. The oldest around 3 years for dl dvd’s.

Thanks for the information everyone. It sounds like it has become a personal preference: Pretty labels with the possibility of trouble down the road (may not for certain, but why tempt fate) or don’t and be that much safer.

If I do, try it with Neato/photoMatte and not Memorex.

Thanks guys! I appreciate all the info. Not sure which way I’ll go but I place a lot of value on informed decisions.